Quality Wipes is LF a Melee DPS


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Hello Forgiven Folks,

One of our long-term raiders has chosen to step down due to time constraints in RL. I'm looking for a solid melee DPS to replace him. (Melee is preferred, but we would consider a ranged pew-pew.) Being familiar with the fights and well geared are the "requirements" for consideration. We run at 7 Server on Saturdays (3hrs.) and Mondays (2hrs.). We are currently 7/8 in Dragon Soul and I'd call our run progressive-casual. With DS being nerfed another 5% this week I expect our downing of Death Wing to be imminent. Please shoot me a pm or post here if you are interested.

Mike and I are looking for someone who can be committed to the run for at least the next couple of months or until MoP drops.