I wanted to start playing eve online, but unless I find a good christian corp, I find it pointless since it will be nearly impossible to bring glory to God by playing the game in any way.

I found out about your corp, but some of the points on your forum made me wonder if you require a profession of faith to join you, because if you don't, I don't really want to play Eve.

My expectation from the Christian Corp is pretty much the same as my expectations from Christian Church.
A very good point and I agree.

Join chat channel "Christian Public Access". I hope we can talk there.
Yes, there are christian corps, scattered, it seems. Consolidation is desired. How many that are active I dont know.
Well the "umbrella" organization, Tribe of Judah, does require a statement of faith to join if that's what you're asking.

If you want to know what glory you can bring to God through EVE, then it really depends on what kind of glory you were looking to bring. Right now, this chapter of ToJ (the House of David corp in EVE Online) is inactive, so if you were looking for in-game ministry opportunities, etc, you're probably not going to find it, at least not here.

If you're looking for some Christian brothers and sisters to fellowship and have some fun with, there IS (as was mentioned) a Christian community within the game, so you can definitely find that. I think that's about all I can really tell you. I wish there was more of an interest to get this corp back off the ground. Good luck to you!


You probably don't want to join our Corp then. We are a Christian Corp in the sense that we are not an exclusive club designed to keep the world out. We are here as a safe haven for those that believe and a light for those that don't. My vision for a Christian group in a gaming environment is to bring the love and salvation of Christ to the lost. There are some in our corp that are not believers, but they know what our mission statement is and they now what we believe.

My expectation from a Christian Corp is the same as my expectation from a Christian Church... A safe place for the lost to come to hear that God so loved the world...

In Jesus name,

P.S. Not intended as a flame, but a topic of great concern for me.:)