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It is my understanding there are different realm (server) types in Warhammer which distinguish between the type of RvR.

So what type of realm is Redeemed:Warhammer rolling on?
-Core server
-Roleplay Core server
-Open RvR server

My vote is the core server...RvR where mythic designed it to happen and not all over the place, allowing for gankage and diluting the RvR population from the focused areas..
I'm leaning towards Open RvR as it sounds like the most PvP.
You would think that, but in the end it means more gankage and less quality PvP, diluting the PvP from the real WAR RvR zones

Who isn't tired of doing pure PvE questing only to get griefed by the other faction, who isn't tired of hearing in Guild chat, oh please come help me finish this quest I'm being camped.

This game was designed for crazy RvR/PvP and you will get more then your fill from the places they have set it up, extending that to the questing areas that were designed for PvE and then giving non-consentual PvP there, sounds like more pain then fun to me. But that is just my opinion
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I tend to agree with Ewoks. Another point he made the other night that I agree with is that the RvR areas were specifically designed with RvR in mind for the purpose of focusing RvR activity in those areas. If people are able to invade the other faction's PvE areas, they're likely to spend a fair bit of time there. And if they're there and not in the RvR focused areas, when I go out looking for RvR, nobody's there, because they're too busy griefing in my PvE areas instead.

Between scenarios and the open RvR areas, there's going to be PLENTY of RvR going on. But I want to know that when I go looking for it, I'm going to find it in areas conducive to RvR. Heck, I spent hours on end in the lowest tier RvR area in the Empire/Chaos areas a couple phases ago, just because it was so well designed. It's an abandoned town with objectives all over the place, areas for open field RvR, areas perfect for ambushing an unwary party from the other faction, pathways for mounting flanking actions, etc.

I'd rather know that I can find consensual RvR in areas that I know it's going to be insanely fun than have to dodge the zerg just to go from point A to point B because the other faction can exploit geography in areas not intended for RvR.

I'm definitely leaning towards a core ruleset server over an open RvR server.
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Bottom line for me on decisions is don't make them until you play.

I have been playing for months in closed beta and I still hold judgement because the game is so massive in scale.
Open RVR servers remind me of Normal PVP servers on WoW, and if you played DAoC... it reminds me of the Mordred and Andred servers.
Who isn't tired of doing pure PvE questing only to get griefed by the other faction, who isn't tired of hearing in Guild chat, oh please come help me finish this quest I'm being camped.

/raiseshand I prefer to play in a non-controlled environment. :D
So is playing on a "Core RVR Server" kind of like shooting from the ladies tee?

I don't care what type of server we play on as long as I can kill auctioneers!

Whatever server you're on, it's gonna be an RvR fest!

And I just want to see how far/long we can kite the other realm's flight masters. :D
I remember being chased by a barrens guard all the way back to the alliance flight point in whatever Dun Morough? or some such.

it was funny stuff.
The difference between the servers is you're always flagged for RVR on an open server, thus a single foot stepped into a zone too low for you turns you into a chicken... and since every single zone in the game is split factionally(except main cities) you'll never be able to return to low level zones for any reason. "Core" ruleset servers however, only penalize you if you enter the RVR area of any zone or otherwise flag for RVR, meaning you can return to a low level zone without being a chicken for whatever reason you would need to.

Quoted from Niffty.

She makes a real good point.
While I have really never played the game my opinion is probably not valid, but I am leaning towards the core ruleset servers after reading what some of you are saying.