Request - Raffle Tickets.


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I have a task for someone who is good with MS Word/Excel/Etc...

Objective: To produce a raffle ticket linked to a database

Method: Template made in Word or similar. Linked to Excel spreadsheet or Access database using field controls.

Design: To be done by myself based on the creator's template (unless they want to do it - ToJ PSD files available on request)

Output: Virtual. No hard copies required. JPG or similar.

Fields: The following fields need to be included in the database and shown on the ticket.

- Ticket Number (sequential, increasing)
- Name
- Online Nickname
- Email address

Please contact me if you have any questions. I would appreciate a 2 week turnaround or better on this project.


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Forgive the double post, just wanted to make sure the feedback was received:

I would recommend generating it as an image to prevent it being altered as easily. This wouldn't be bad to implement in PHP. Pull in the background image of what you want the ticket to look like, use PHP to write in the ticket number, name, etc. using GD libraries.

I don't know if my schedule will allow me to implement this within the timeframe needed, but I'll see what I can throw together on a test site, then migrate to wherever it's needed if I make progress.