Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 -

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Im getting it for the Nintendo Gamecube. I got this UK magazine called CUBE that came with a DVD with it. On the DVD it had a movie of the first level. oh this game has changed...for the better.

First of all the controls are fully 3D. None of that turn 360/180 degrees and press up. Its fully 3D. Why...?


The game runs on a brand-spanking new full 3D engine! No pre rendered backgrounds, full 3D everything.

Also new is the addition of the A button being a multipurpose tasking button. Press it in front of a window, you roll out. If there is a guy in front of the window, you tackle him. If your inside a house and there zombies outside, press it near the nearby dresser drawer and you can barricade the door. Zombies now arent zombie......they are humans partialy infected with the T virus. Since they are only a bit zombie, they now have a better AI. They can organize and attack in groups, let one big paper-bagged man with a chainsaw go in first and stay behind until him-or you gets finished off. If you in a house, they can take a ladder and smash the upper window in, and climb up. It also has Shenmue-like QTEs (quick Time Events) where you have to press buttons as a certain time. An example of this is where some human-zombies are pushing a bolder off a ravine, making you run Indiana Jones style away from it, then dodging. To do this you have to keep on tapping the A button then quickly press L and R simutaneously to dodge to the right, then it wil smash into a rock wall, breaking into peices. The game looks bueatiful. New graphics and lighting effects. Also a new addition (which now I am guessing) is the famous Havok engine. AKA ragdoll, where you chuck a grenade at a human-zombie and his corpse goes flying around lifelike. Also if you shoot a human-zombie in the leg, he can fall down or go limp and drag his feet to get you, making him go slower. This also works with other parts of the body as well, like arms, hands, head and feet.

Mature gamers, be sure to pick this up Jan 11th. I hate the previous Resident Evil games becuase of control and camera issues, but they have changed everything around in 4. I didnt want this game before I saw it in action, and it chnaged by mind. Im even preordering it. So far it looks to be on of the ebst Gamecube games in '05! Capcom did a wonder on this one. If you didnt like the other RE games, give this one a try. At least rent it, becuase this one will revolutionize the series forever.
I played the demo for a few seconds in Gamestop, looked pretty fun. I don't have a console, so obviously I won't get it.
I prefer RE:Outbreak than RE:4.
And waiting till RE: Outbreak file# 2 comes out.

I like the previous styles of the old RE series, having RE:4 new and different styles...blah.
I played the demo at GameStop. Great graphics, interesting storyline, but I don't know if I'll get it or not.
[b said:
Quote[/b] ]RE Outbreak is that online one, right? I heard it sucked.

Least you can play up to 4 players online, have over 40 items, like 5 different pistols (2 from 2 characters), 8 characters to choose from, 30 something NPC characters playable like Hunk in RE2 X_X, have scary/annoying spawning zombies.

Least I like the game. Not many people would like different RE game styles, but thats the style that I like of Outbreak.
RE 4 is going to be the best RE game yet. None of that turn 180 degrees and press Up!
I went to go pick it up after reading some amazing reviews and none of the local stores get a shipment in till tomorrow....
There like, "Hey dood that comes out tomorrow.", and I'm all like, "No the sign, right behind you, says January 11th 2005."

But being right, doen't always get you what you want.
yeah, indeed......and i went to game crazy again today to only hear "we are only selling preorders"

i really really dont like gamecrazy

i just got the game and WOW its amazing. Capcom did such a great job, i hope the next RE has the same style and gameplay.