Retiring my position.....


I have come to realize I am not making a difference here and thus I am Retiring my Position as Chapter Leader. :eek:
The Cod Chapter has always been important to me as it is a Game I enjoy playing and it is also a tool which allows me to meet many Good People.:D

I am not leaving toj as it is a Fantastic place to game with Fellow Christians and I know way too many people here but my Life is being led in another direction.:) I hope that someone steps up and continues the chapter but I do not have the time anymore, I appreciate all the support from everyone,
Later BB

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I am sorry to hear that BB :( . I just don't have the time to play more games than I do or I'd be playing one with you (that and the dreaded secure-rom shows up in some) . At least now you can get with Keero on Bad Company 2 sometime for some epic games, he is fun to play with :) .
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I am remaining a Member at toj as there is no better Christian Gamers but I will have little to no time with my recent transition to Senior Staff at Combat Studios. I also miss the old days of Fraggin in UT, after we moved last year my ISP connection speed dropped by over half which makes gaming difficult in the States and sometimes in Europe, I am Friends with Keero on Steam also and will look him up as I need his Dog Tags :)


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Sorry to see you resign, but I am not surprised. Its difficult to keep players these days considering all the games out there competing for players.

Congrats on becoming a senior tester :cool:


I am not leaving only for that reason, Yes the lack of support from Chapter members [not all of them] puts a damper on the fun but it is mostly because my full attention is going toward my Hobby with Combat Testing, advancing from Lead Tester to Senior CT Staff will greatly limit my gaming hours, especially when we are Actively Testing. I will still be around just not as visible my Friend :)