Return of [CAMP]?


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Many of you know that as we started GW2 about a year ago, several members started a guild called [CAMP] to represent a group of dedicated WvW players who enjoyed "camping" the Eternal Battlegrounds Jumping Puzzle. Setting up siege equipment and holding the temple against the odds was quite fun. But players complained... mostly because we were just 'too good' at "camping." ArenaNet banned siege from the EB JP and the fun kinda went out of WvW.

And so, players drifted away from [CAMP] and WvW. The EB JP was moved to a separate map. And interest died....

But today, Borderlands Bloodlust was announced as a change to WvW.

From the article, is a new map dynamic of holding key points on a map. Everything seemed pretty standard until you get to a really important quote at the bottom...
"The ruins are set up to encourage a small dedicated group of players to be able to defend their holdings and prevent other worlds from gaining the bonus. "

Are we seeing a map condition suited precisely for what [CAMP] was doing a year ago? Only time will tell, I guess, but it certainly is worth considering.
As a former member of camp who is still a WvW enthusiast I am very excited about any prospect to WvW with any guildies who want to. Guild WvW night? Sounds good to me. Anyone know what happened to Avenger?
Avenger got bored with GW2. Changes to WvW (such as siege weapon removal from EB JP) really crushed many guildies' interest in WvW. But he continued to run WvW with other guilds for a while. He was well known by the other commanders and was a gifted "portal" mesmer who was responsible for more keep-conquests than I can count. He was an awesome player with a great personality - a joy to be around whether in combat or between fights just hanging out.

Hackers and exploiters however, were slow to be caught, stopped, and banned. ArenaNet's slow response to WvW issues didn't help either. Promises to mix up the roster of fighting lineups did not appear to affect top=tier servers. So in WvW it was the same people over and over and over again. Reset and rematch. Reset and rematch. No map changes. No siege changes yet. Just the same old thing.

And so, Avenger slowly began playing League of Legends (LoL). It was a change in the routine and brought a freshness to PvP. As time passed, he slowly became more and more interested in LoL and less interested in the GW2 repetition. Last I heard, which was several months ago, that's where you could find him now.
I love the idea of a guild WvW night, and if one gets established, will try to organize my game night around it whenever possible.
I ran around in the SoR borderland with three strangers capping the Bloodlust points and killing sentries. Even with the insane skill lag it was fun. The huge majority of the population on the map was concentrated on a three-way fight in the garrison, so there were just small groups of us out running around the middle.
I miss them too. We should start a WvW night. All we really need are 4 or 5 people to form up a havoc squad and go take some camps or ruins or have an adventure in the Obsidian Sanctum.