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I have a question.  How do you configure a wireless router to allow a cs server to be seen by the internet and let others connect to it while the people on the network also connect to it?

This is mostly for the GFC clan to have a temp server off of my computer for a while.

Any help or sugestions is helpful and welcome.  When it comes to networking, i dont know much at all.

Also, i want to know how to make a network and tranfer stuff between computers with out using jump drives or AIM?  file sharing? printer sharing?



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obviolsy hescominsoon, you know what you are talking about. So if you dont mind maybe we can meet up on teamspeak and you can walk me through that and the QOS stuff, maybe please.



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Quote[/b] ([]hescominsoon @ Nov. 24 2004,7:50)]
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Quote[/b] (Flash @ Nov. 23 2004,8:09)]*signs on Teamspeak.*
here is why we run teamspeak taken directly from ventrillo's own license agreement:

4.1.8 You agree not to use any kind of router, firewall or
other internet device to redirect IP or port numbers to
obscure the actual IP address and port number of any of your
Servers on which the Software is installed.

Wrong answer.
That was a bit rude..maybe I took that in the wrong way.

I wasn't dissing you for running a teamspeak server, or toj for that matter, just voicing my opinion about teamspeak, and if you read the TOS im pretty clear im allowed to voice my opinion..

Teamspeak is a good program, I just don't like it.

Anyone agree with me? mhmm..nvm..that would be hijacking that topic lol, so nvm
If I really cared I would make my own topic.

Anyway, God Bless


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eh.. whoops i have Linksys router and i've ran like 5923408293045 vent servers... :|

*runs away*

u never saw me ;p