Sadam handover



They handed over sadam today.
Its funny my dads responce is "poor guy"
Which is true, since I don't think he's going to get a fair trial. Even though I think he's guilty, I think we should show him the kind of kindness he never showed us. Because otherwise we're no better than him.
But on the other hand if he had hurt someone in my family I would probobly want him to suffer.
But I guess since he's not a POW, and not under the geniva conv., and he's just a regular prisoner, I think he's going have a really hard time in prison. Since he liked to cut the hands of some of the pisoners.
Yeah, poor guy. I've watched some of the videos on Fox this morning, and I can tell you, that's definitely Saddam Hussein. Hope he gets everything and more that's coming to him. And he will, I'm sure. Still it bothers me to hear some very small minority of Iraqis cheer for him and say they will give their 'lives, blood, and souls' for him. What a warped mindset.

By the way, did you know 'Saddam' (pronounced SAH-DAHM) means "prince"? Did you also know that 'Saddam' (pronounced SAD-DAM), pronounced differently, spelled the same, means "horse's rear end"? I wonder if that's why Bush called him SAD-DAM a lot?

Lol, just a thought.
hey there are still people that like bush as a president.

But on topic, its funny Sadam wants the court to call him President. We says that he is still the presedent of Iraq and Bush should be on trial. I think both of them should be.
Poor guy I don't think their feeding him.:)
reminds me of "Captian" Jack Sparrow
. he is a man who has done great evil and his punishment has come.
Saddam seems to be a case of "I don't know when to give in and admit that I was a murdering maniac", and in the words of one American: 'I feel sorry for Saddam. I don't think the Iraqi people are going to be as merciful with him as the Americans were'.

*imagines preparation of hanging noose*
he deserves a short drop and a quick stop.
So u're saying that we should do the same thing he did to other people on him.
That makes us great people
I'm not saying that at all. What I think we should to him really doesn't matter I guess, because we don't have custody of him now, the Iraqi people do.

Whatever kind of death they choose for him, I just hope they carry it out. He's been a murdering tyrant for years now, and it's time for him to go, plain and simple.
Not saying that we should do the same.. but I think he ran over the line of forgiveness.. If you've seen the scene where Korean guy's kneeling just crying and pleading NOT to kill him, and they chopped his head off with a kitchen knife... disgusting, in human.. %$@$#%@#$ i need a tea break :S
sadam never cut a korean guys head off, he was in custody. Thats like saying Clinton did the oaklahoma bombing. They were terrorists.