dear sam, you've made several suggestions here, how bout you picking up some slack and leading some gnome races wed night, or a Bible study.....:D
LOL! Cause I haven't been asked, I guess. However, with some of the challenges I am going through, perhaps my keyboard (pen) does a better job than my mouth. Right now I am having trouble conversing without 1) keeping my mind on track; 2) getting easily lost on where and what I am saying; 3) all too often my mind is in a fog. Unfortunately, this is the result of a severe nerve injury that compounded with intense pain. I have an assessment coming in July of my memory to make sure there is not some other bothersome disease process going on.

The great gnome roam I would not mind organizing with just a wee bit of help. I will need to do a test run so would need a mage for a porting around, and then an armed escort to see how far I can go in how long. This would ascertain the viability of it.

I need guild leadership to determine date and time. I would suggest a Friday or Saturday evening, allowing a couple of hours. Too long would detract, and too short just wouldn't be enough.

It would be great for someone with the software/talent to record this - perhaps with a flying mount to get all angles on the angels. Then they could make us a neat video of it, put some music to it and load it up for all to view!

Then, we would need mass, guild wide - every one that possibly could and even making special arrangements to be there - participating. If you don't have an 80, anyone can have a lvl 1 gnome mage. Talk 'aboot' a hoot (as they would say in Virginia)!

With that, I can do it!

Bottom line:
*gnome roam is possible with help and commitment;
*Bible lessons - let me have some prayer about it. Teaching the Bible and about the Bible is something I love to do, but have some challenges to overcome. I do not take that kind of responsibility lightly, unlike a gnome roam.
I'd say just pick a day and advertise it, course wed night is traditionally Bible Study. But, if there is not Bible Study going on, you can do your race then, or Sat night is another night when not much is going on. Your call, head it up.


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Maybe I'll start a Bible study, I have a work book I have been working on for evangelism and with Wednesday nights being free now.
That would be awesome, Mordos. Great subject that I sure could use a challenge on.

OK - need two volunteers to help me on The Great Gnome Roam. One needs to be a mage. We will discuss more from there.
Ok, maybe I am a bit impatient, but I thought that by now I would have at least one offer of help. Some speak of it being something that would be a great deal of fun. If it sounds like something you wanna do, let me know. If no replies, I will let it drop.