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Last Revised: Aug 25, 2004 - v1.03


1. Rules for all players
2. For ToJ Members
4. Appendix I: What’s an objectionable word/name?
5. Appendix II: Answering the question “If you’re christians why are you playing violent video games?”

Rules for all players


- No obscene/questionable language or names. This is a zero tolerance issue, you will be warned twice and then kicked if you do not comply (See appendix for what qualifies as a swear word/objectionable name)
- Cheating is not allowed on this server. If caught, YOU WILL BE BANNED.
- No belittling other players with intent to mock and hurt. Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. However, room is allowed for fraternizing. Good rule of thumb: if you don’t know the person you’re mocking and if you don’t know if they can take a joke, then don’t say it. If in doubt, don’t. Admins will take action if there are complaints or they determine you are being a problem. Admins will use their discretion and common sense in each case and players are expected to do likewise.
- No name calling. Same as belittling. Be respectful of your fellow players. Again, there’s room for a little ribbing here and there between players so long as it does not break any of the other rules in this document. But if you don’t know the other player or you don’t know if they can’t take a joke, don’t say it.
- Do not spectate if the server is at capacity. Either get into the game or leave, as some one else might be waiting to use your slot/use your bandwidth. Admins reserve the right to spectate at any time.
- Disconnect from the server if you are away from your computer. Idlers will be kicked.
- A word on warnings: Your "two warnings" can apply to different infractions without change in penalty (ie. one warning for swearing and one warning for belittling is two infractions, not 1 infraction for swearing and 1 infraction for belittling) As mentioned above, players will be warned twice before being kicked.


- Respect and obey the Server Admins.
- Respect others beliefs and you will be respected. This goes for everybody. Note: keep in mind that the server is not a chat room or bulletin board; if you wish to discuss/debate something, please take it off line and come back when you’re done.
- Compliment your teammates, and compliment your adversaries. They could be on your team next round
- If you see that the teams are imbalanced, switch; if you're on the short handed team, make sure you make some noise before the round ends.
- Be a team player: link up to take nodes, run behind tanks and heal them, give people rides
- Have fun and help us maintain a clean, high quality server that everyone can enjoy!

For ToJ Members:

- Problem Players: If you have a player online who is swearing, has an obscene screen name, etc. warn the player once, twice, and if they do not comply, contact an admin through IM if there isn’t one on the server already. If an admin is not readily available in-game or though IM, take a screen shot of the offending dialogue or screen name and e-mail it to one of the chapter leaders, then move on with the game at hand until an Admin appears on the scene.
- If an Admin is already in game, leave the policing up to them; it’s there job after all. If they aren’t doing their job, make sure you notify them, preferably off-line – they might have been too busy playing :). In other words, let the admins do their job, but make sure that they DO do their job!
- You are the 'Salt' of this server. Act like it, and while you have the ToJ tag on. You agreed to the charter when signing up with ToJ and now represent a group, not just yourself. Respect the rules, respect the Admins and respect your fellow players.
- OBEY all admin requests. If they ask you to be quiet, be quiet. Admins: there will be a "Zero Tolerance" policy on ToJ members not listening. Feel free to take affirmative action (ie. Kick or request a dialogue outside of the game in IM or IRC) if necessary.
- Just remember, we are not of this world but we are in it. You will come across things you don't particularly like or agree with but it happens. Learn to deal with these things appropriately.
- Above all, respect everyone and give people the benefit of the doubt until there is no doubt to have the benefit of.
- If you feel an Admin is being unfair or is not doing their job, contact chapter leadership and we will look into your complaint (in confidence).
- Becoming an Admin: Admins are chosen based on maturity, leadership skills, level of activity and experience by Chapter Leadership. Potential admins will be contacted, please do not contact us unless you would like to nominate someone to an Admin position.

Appendix I : What’s an objectionable word/name?

Without having to list them all, I’m sure most of us already know what qualifies as a “big” swear word (“s word”, “f word”, “damn”, “ass” and any words that refer to male/female reproductive anatomy or the sex act). The area is more grey when it comes to euphemisms and acronyms, though there are some that are unacceptable.

“wtf” is the best example of this. While not a “swear” in and of itself, we all know what it means and how it is used. This acronym or similar acronyms will not be tolerated. [Admin note: With the new chat filter in, if you see any “*****”s in the chat console, that means somebody has probably just used some bad language, but make sure you read it in context (the filter might have caught something by mistake).]

Are Admins going to dock you for saying “fiddlesticks”? Probably not. Will they warn you if you continually use “fiddlesticks” as an obvious replacement for a real swear? They will if they determine that you’re just doing it to push some buttons. Will they warn you if you say “frick”, “shag” or other “soft swear”. Most likely.

Consider this: if you’d never say it in public or in front of your mom, then don’t say it here. Also consider: if you think it’s going to offend somebody, then don’t say it.

This is a Christian server, and a certain level of decorum is expected. If you want to tick people off and use bad language, go somewhere else, there are tons of other servers you can be on. If you come on-line with an obviously incendiary screen name (“God” and “Satan’s Surfer” are recent examples) then you will be dealt with quickly. Have some respect. Otherwise Admins will consider you a troublemaker and not an honest player looking for a good game.

Appendix II : Answering the Question “If you’re christians, why are you playing violent video games?”

Have a look at this explanation from ToJ Member Rizz.

**section 3 & 6 removed as they deal with admin commands/regs**
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These rules date back to 2004, but they still hold.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. :)
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