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I've noticed we have quite a few Shadow Priests in the guild of late and thought it a good idea to start a discussion regarding Talent Point Distribution, Gear and the viability of us as full out DPS.

My current Spec is this

However even though Inner Focus is nice when i'm running low on mana, in my personal opinion its the waste of a good point so I'm considering respeccing to the following...

I lose improved Psychic Scream, Silence and Inner Focus, but gain 15% combat mana regen full shield protection. So you ask is this a good trade-off in my opinion Yes for the following reasons.

Mana Regen - this speaks for itself, more mana more spells.
Imp Shield - Great for grinding, farming, and the occassional Mob aggro in raids/instances also good protection for a tank, AoE'er etc..


Imp Scream - Fearing Mobs can be dangerous especially in tight situations in my experience it will ultimately lead the death of the group.

Silence - This is a great spell when Grinding and Instance mobs, however a lot of mobs in the instances are Silence immune and if they aren't you typically will have a mage in the group with Counterspell which has a much lower cooldown time vs. the 40 sec cooldown on Priest Silence.

Inner Focus - Basically a free spell cast with a 25% chance to crit, 3 minute cooldown so a free spell maybe twice in a long fight, 3 times in a longer fight. But again with Meditation you'll more then make up for it with Vamp Touch also.

So what do you think?

Que Pasa

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I run with nearly the same spec as your current one. You may have noticed that you only have around ~150-170 spirit in your shadow DPS gear, which means you're only going to get around 15-25 mana/5sec back from meditation. It is a nice way to spend 3 talent points, but I haven't really found it to be necessary since I usually have a shaman in my group for mana tide and blessing of wisdom.

If you were to drop something to get 3/3 meditation, I would say lose that 1 stray point in improved mind blast and lose 2 points in shadow power. The theorycraft behind shadow power shows that even if you're using them every time the cooldown is up, you only lose around 15-20 dps by dropping two points out of shadow power.

I will never lose silence and imp scream, much too useful in 5 mans, karazhan trash and PvP.


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I would put the 2 points from imp fade, 1 in shadow power and 1 in Imp Mind Blast. If you get aggro while DPSing the said mob and hit fade, I don't think it in and of itself has ever stopped the mob from coming at me. The only way the mob has stopped was if its tauntable and the tank taunts it back, or we kill it before it reaches me. I don't even know if your spec is still the same or not tho lol.

Gear gear gear. We got so lucky that truly outstanding gear is available soley through tailoring for us. The Frozen Shadoweave and Spellstrike combo is hard to beat until you get to tier 6 level gear. It's gonna be relatively easy to gear up my new priest when he's 70, as I'll have most of the shadowcloth and spellcloth ready for him probably. Gotta love it.


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11.0.50 is Oddbob's spec, and I like it.

Edit!: LOL at Marthastwert, a Priest... funny stuff. Do your clothes match?