So we will have a Black Ops server...

Best option to find it would be to Filter the servers to see either all Domination or Demolition maps, block out full servers. Go by name, should be above the large amount of TREYARCH servers as Tribe of Judah. If you still can't find it, I'll hop online tonight after my test and invite you to the game. :)
Tek... the dummies at treyarch didn't think when releasing the game, that we would actually know what server we want to connect to.... therefore there is no tool for a direct connect, and there isn't anyway to add to favorites unless you have seen the server in the browser.....

I hadn't even considered that possibility.

Is there at least a console where you can manually connect to a server?

You kids and your console-ized FPS games.

/me tunes in to Matlock as he fires up Skulltag
I'm looking for it and found 5 Christian servers, none of them Tribe of Judah. :mad:

I've been searching for it with every filter or manual search for 1 hour and I STILL CANNOT FIND IT! :mad:

I've checked DOM, DEM, Seattle; US, Christian, Tribe, RANKED, UNRANKED!
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Hi Hi...Keero could you please invite me ( to the ToJ server, i can't find it either :(

This is my BO account. My other account that everyone has added does not have BO.