Standard Tactics


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We 2-3 tactics that we need to purchase for our standard(s). We would like some input from those of you who have done a substantial amount of T4 oRvR. Which tactics are useful? Which are not? Should we have one ranged standard and one melee? One offense, one defense? Etc, etc.

Please keep in mind, I'd like to resolve this prior to Friday so we can use our standards then; I plan on scheduling regular oRvR event evering Friday evening starting at 7pm Central. It will last as long as it lasts.
I haven't done a large amount of oRvR T4, but I know from the larger battles in lower tiers, I've been afraid to pop out a standard while attacking a keep because I don't want to lose it if we get pushed off. I find it easier to protect if we're inside defending a keep.

Beyond that, I mostly just pull it out for the bonuses when we're in areas that aren't under high threat of me planting it and losing it. I hate destroying a standard because I die when holding it. I'd probably have to /gquit if I lost one to a dirty, filthy, stinking destro.

Side note: before I saw this thread or knew that there were discussions on how to spend our 3 open tactic points, I talked Popoki into buying Vigor 3 (30% AP regen increase) as an upgrade to our existing standard. So we're down to 2 available points. Sorry about that (but hey, 30% AP regen is awesome!)
I tend to agree with Durruck, but you're going to lose a standard... it's inevitable. And it's good they are cheap.

We could probably use the first one (recruiter's) for defensive items and the second (warriors) for offensive items.