Star Ocean 3

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I did get a chance to play a friend's copy of the game for a short while this weekend. It's sort of a wierd cross between Namco's Tales of Symphonia, Square-Enix's Final Fantasy X, and Star Trek. My friend says it is an engaging game - he's about 42 hours into it - and the real-time, random-battle-free combat system is a blast. (I do wish it had co-op multiplayer like Tales.)

I will admit I probably expected more out of the production values than I saw. The character models are smooth and run well in battle, but they seemed a little on the bland side. Most of the game has voicework and the lines I heard were okay, but they were uneven not as sharp as FFX. Also, my friend said there are some heavier issues in the game and that it is the rough equivalent of a PG-13 movie.

Anyway, those are just my impressions based on an hour or so of playing through a few of his different game saves. For what it's worth, if I owned a PS2 I'd probably get it - or at least borrow my friend's - as it looks like a solid RPG with decent, if not overwhelming, production values.

Hope that helps some.
I own the game and I am about 75% of the way through(not counting the optional stuff). I found it quite fun. The only issues about approateness I found were swearing. Basically you find clumps of swearing throughout the game. For instance, they might not swear for 2 hours and then in one scene they might swear like 5 times(they onlu use the various form of D***(not with God's name) and h***). It is not a huge amount(if is certinally better then final fantasy VII-IX) but it is not as little as an amount as in FF X or Wild Arms 3. The blood descriptor from the ESRB is because in a coumple places in the games there is some blood on the floor or other places. It is certinally not realistic and is only a couple parts in the game. Around disk 2 you find out about some kind of "Gods" but it is no big deal because of a plot twist later on. Like any fantsy game there is of course Magic, other Gods ect. The character Nel could also not show so much legs.In the begining a girl invites Fayt to her room for a "drinky". Weither anything else was on her mind in unkown because he refuses. Nothing is said other than that.Oh and in one of the optional dungeons there is a succbus enemy. If you have any questions just ask.