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As many of you know, I am, besides a console gamer, a Mac gamer, so I get games just a little late. Well, I just found a game that has since had an expansion called Stronghold, and it appealed to me, besides it being just twenty bucks. I wanted to know if anyone ever played it, and if its good. Any info on the game Tropico would be welcome as well.
Yeah. I saw the Stronghold preview, but not the review for Tropico. Every review site I've checked out said it was a solid and good RTS, but I just want to be sure. I have other uses for twenty dollars!
Is Tropico an RTS or sim-type game? Twice, in recent times, CompUSA has had Tropico free after rebate. The 2nd time I decided to find out more regarding the game. All I remember is, after reading some reviews, I knew it wasn't my style of gaming.

Stronghold sounds somewhat appealing.
I saw String Hold at Sam's club for under $12....on PC though
Well, it looks really cool. Just like it came out of Braveheart, or one of those movies. I heard that you can build the ideal castle, and then see how it holds up in defense. I think I'm going to get it. I will write a review for it when I play it.
Well, I ordered it last night. And I'm hoping for the best. It is supposed to be the best, and one of the only, castle sims out there, which is certainly appealing.
This weeks CompUSA ad has Tropico for FREE, once again.

It's old, but Lords of the Realm was a castle sim as well.  I had thought about getting it at one point.  It sounded decent.  There is a version III coming out: Lords of the Realm III 

I think there is also a game called Castles.  I've seen it in a 2-pack at CompUSA.  Probably bundled with Lords of the Realm.  But I know nothing about Castles.