T.awe ownage?


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How will Team Awesome do in Cal-O this season? WIll they get to Cal-IM? Will they go undefeated?

I sure think they will make IM

what do you guys think?

I think they got lucky 1st match and played against 1 noob and 4 afk'ers ... they won't even be in the playoffs!
yea and this is the leader saying this
My thoughts: They have the talent, the question is will they put forth enough time and effort this season to make it.... I know it takes alot to get where you wanna be and if the times not there then they won't make it.

GL HF make babies
Mmmhmm.... I reckon they'll make that CAL-im... I'mma go make me some of dem french fried taters...Mmhmm..