Tankadin Consumables


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Zen Tanking has a good article on what to bring for consumables as a pally tank:

With the changes to Elixirs in 2.1.0, there's been a limitation placed on how many Elixirs we can put down at once. So, following is a list of the consumables that typically get used by tanking Paladins in higher-end instances;

  • Elixir of Major Agility (battle) - Provides an extra 35 Agility, which translates to 1.54% dodge with Blessing of Kings. Quite valuable for extra avoidance. If threat is a real problem, you could use an Arcane Elixir instead.
  • Elixir of Major Defense (guardian) - Provides 550 extra armor. Doesn't seem like much, but the extra armor does help against heavy melee bosses.
  • Super Healing / Super Mana Potion - Bog standard healing and mana pots.
  • Ironshield Potion - Provides 2500 armor for 2 minutes, shares cooldown with other potions. Against a strong melee boss such as Moroes or Prince Malchezzar, this actually saves you significantly more damage during the cooldown than a Super Healing Potion would heal.
  • Superior Wizard Oil - Additional threat. Persists through death.
  • Spicy Crawdad - 30 extra Stamina is very valuable to a tank class that's lacking in HP.
  • Major Healthstone - Created by Warlocks, and valuable when using Ironshields. Note that if you have Warlocks with different ranks of Improved Healthstone, you can carry multiples.
  • Nightmare Seed - A pseudo-Last Stand. Gives a quick 2000 health boost temporarily. Handy if you get bursted and you've blown your Healthstones.
  • Dark / Demonic Rune - Only useful for times when you're outgearing the fight and running out of mana as a result. Returns a lot of mana and injures you, thus allowing healing to return more mana. Never use these unless you're not taking significant damage and are high on health.
To be honest, I usually don't carry Nightmare Seeds or Dark Runes. But it's handy keeping them in mind.

Also, if you are low on avoidance and trying to become uncrushable, look at Grilled Mudfish, the 20 Agility buff will help, and may let you swap on more than 30 extra stamina in gear (making it superior to the Spicy Crawdad if you can do that).


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Don't forget the best of the best.

Flask of Fortification
Use: Increases the player's maximum health by 500 and defense rating by 10 for 120 min. Counts as both a Battle and Guardian elixir. This effect persists through death.

The mats are really not that bad for a 2hr buff that wont go away (elixirs poof on death)

Fel Lotus (1)
Mana Thistle (3)
Ancient Lichen (7)
Imbued Vial (1)