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Anyone have some helpful Links they could post here? There are a ton of other websites that have helpful information or selling of TF2 Items or misc and weapon information. Post them here if you know of any good ones! :D

This Link is a quick reference to find all about any Cosmetic Items for any Class in TF2... Scroll down a bit till you see List of Cosmetic Items and Choose what Class you want to see the Items for.

This Link is a quick reference to see all the Unusual Possibilities for Items in TF2... Scroll down and you will see every possible Unusual Effect offered in TF2 - even for Taunts and Weapons!

This Link is a quick reference to Learn all about KillStreak Kit and What the different Levels are... Scroll down to find out the difference between 3 types of Killstreaks.
  • Standard Killstreak Kit

  • Specialized Killstreak Kit

  • Professional Killstreak Kit

This Link takes you to Gamebanana where you can find Downloads for Custom Maps for TF2...
(This one is specifically to the MarioBlast Map.)
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Staff member is the main mapping site. If you are looking to make your own map and post it, participate in a contest making maps or find a map it's the place to go.

Valve Developer Community. If you want to learn mapping you'll start here and come here first for answers. Go to TF2maps and bug real people AFTER reading this site so they don't have to continually re-explain simple things.

NFO is our server provider. As well as a forum for answers I've gotten prompt replies to any questions and they have an automated system of updates and notifications which keep you informed of your server's status. No complaints in the years we've used them and when I researched game server providers (albeit years ago) they were consistently the top one mentioned.

Sourcemod. If you want to admin a TF2 server you'll want to install sourcemod. If you want to extend TF2s functionality for other game modes, like prop hunt, you'll need to make a plugin using sourcemod's scripting language sourcepawn.
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This is a great Link that will take you to be able to View Items and prices of Steam Stuff on the Community Market. For example, the one category is Emoticons. Emoticons are the little pictures and smiley faces you can use in Steam chats. Click on the Emoticons block and it will show you every Emoticon ever offered for sale on the Steam Community Market to purchase. There is also a Filter at the Top of the Page to help narrow your Search Topic like Team Fortress 2. You can't buy stuff through this site but if you see one you like - put your curser over it. It should flash the exact title of the Item and how much it's going for. Then you can look up the exact title of the Item on the Community Market and Purchase it.

These Links are to the Main Home Screen and the 2nd one is specifically to all the Team Fortress 2 Emoticons. Only trouble I've run into with this site is the Loading. Sometimes there are so many Items offered in a category that the pages don't always load properly.
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This Link will take you to where you can sell and acquire Team Fortress 2 Items. It also shows the values of Metal, Buds, and Keys for when you make transactions. You can make Trade counter-offers on Items and wait for a response to see if the seller will accept the offer.

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Test out TF2 Loadouts here! Try on different Hats and Weapons on a Character to see how they look! You can even use Unusual Effects! This site is known to be laggy, so be patient to view and explore all the possibilities!