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Anyone know anything about the hacking that happened on Sun 3/8 at or before 7:39 pm? Someone got in named "Hack Attack" and apparently banned a bunch of us.

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Are we all banned or only people who were on at the time? Can any server admins make it back on and restore all of us who were banned? Do we have any hope for regaining control of the server? Is now a good time to start thinking about requiring a password?

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These are just questions for thought. Any details and/or information will be helpful.

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I just tried to log on and couldn't get on. Hrmmm, very interesting.
I brought the server back up.

E-mail or text me if it goes down again, please.
Is anyone who was banned earlier still banned?
Thank you Tek, both for this and all you do behind the scenes.

Tek, is this the place and time to discuss the idea of pwd protection?

Thank you Tek, both for this and all you do behind the scenes.

Tek, is this the place and time to discuss the idea of pwd protection?

The subject is always open to conversation, but I'm highly resistant to password-protecting the server. If we bar the doors of our community's most active real-time communications channel (the other being IRC), then, to borrow a phrase, "the terrorists have won."

Optional passwords for individual rooms? Makes sense. Password the entire server? Heck no.
I agree with ewoks wholeheartedly. I have no issue appointing additional mods and admins and even creating a limited number of password-protected channels, but I remain convinced that the server should remain open.

It's been my policy to equip active TS users in good standing with the tools to police the server, so if there are others who meet those criteria (active and in good standing), then please send me, Joshinator, and Cam (Jesus Loves Me Lots on the forums) a PM with your TS handle and your request.

I'd rather have to issue the occasional reprimand for overzealous moderating than have people leave the server because no one can kick and ban those who join only to harass. Similarly, I'd rather put forth the effort to add mods and admins than password-protect the server and limit access to people who legitimately want to join us for gaming and conversation.

So I definitely understand the frustration. I've been present when trolls went unchecked and I never want to allow that scenario to play out on any CGA or ToJ servers. That's why we have so many server mods and admins and why I don't have any issues adding more. But I want to make sure our community is one that greets anyone willing to follow some basic rules--rules I consider very fair--with open arms and an opportunity to show the love of Christ.