Tek is leavin' on a jet plane

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Tek7 (Legacy)

CGA & ToJ President
Greetings, all.

Most of you know by now that I am getting married January 1, 2005. I have neglected to mention that I will be leaving St. Louis to travel to Springfield this Friday afternoon (December 17 for those who have calendars handy). I will be inactive while I am in Springfield as Erin's family does not have broadband *breathes into a paper bag* and I, much to my perpetual torment, do not own a laptop.

When I do visit Tulsa, I will have broadband access again, thanks to the loving generosity of my parents (my mom in particular). I will likely spend an hour or so on the computer each day I am in Tulsa; I should be there Tuesday, December 21 to Friday, December 24.

I will be returning to Springfield for Christmas Day. After Christmas, Erin and I will be working out the final details of the wedding. I will be completely unavailable between December 31 and January 9, when our honeymoon ends and we return to St. Louis.

A quick recap for those who, like me, have trouble concentrating on long posts:

December 17 - 20: Tek in Springfield. No broadband. Very limited access to a PC at all.
December 21 - 24: Tek in Tulsa. Broadband, but still limited. Want to spend time with my friends and family while I'm at home.
December 25 - 31: Tek back in Springfield, preparing for wedding on January 1.
December 31 - January 9: Tek gets married January 1 and goes on honeymoon, returns to St. Louis January 9.

I will be with Erin during this entire trip, meaning that I will likely not want to spend more than five minutes on a computer at a time. Understanding emergencies arise, I have given my cell phone number to the following people:

Hescomingsoon - CGA Forum Administrator
Kidan - Interrim CGA Member-Group and Affiliate Recruiter
Elihu - best friend of 14 years *g*

Also, Tribe of Judah Council members have my personal e-mail address, which I will try to check at least once every two days, minus those days I'm on my honeymoon.

And to leave no room for doubt, I have no intention of checking my @cgalliance.org and @toj.cc accounts while I am away. Sorry. If you have an issue that you feel should be brought to the attention of CGA or ToJ leadership, you should be able to track down the appropriate person easily enough.

If push comes to shove, contact Hescomingsoon for CGA-related matters and Rizz for ToJ-related matters.

Let me close with a warning: If I get called in on any matter requiring disciplinary action, I will not be pleasant to deal with. I doubt this will come up since all active forums are monitored. But, oh man, if I get called in for anything where someone's being a punk, you better believe I will drop the hammer and dispense some indiscriminate justice.

*takes a deep breath* I think that's it. I'm going to go continue packing now. And get something to eat. Because all I've had to eat today is two Fish Filet sandwiches from McDonalds. And it's 9:49PM Central.

*collapses on keyboard* Maybe I'll just go eat first.

I'll be around for the next 24 hours or so, so if you have any questions you need to ask me, better ask 'em soon. And with that, I'm off to forage!


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Much love to you Tek!

Departure sounds fun and all.

I will surely not bother your presence, I understand you have stuff going on.

Kudos for all you do for the great organization and God bless you in your upcoming traveling and other endeavors.

In Christ,
Sean aka Phix
Tribe of Judah Public Relations Coordinator


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congrats tek7, have a very happy marriage

mhmm..i love those Fish Filet sandwiches



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Don't party too hard. Careful what you pack, don't scare your lady! =]

We'll be praying for you, brother.


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doh you reminded me of what my freinds dad did when he went on a retreat ROFL well yea have a good trip tek

Tek7 (Legacy)

CGA & ToJ President
*sniffle* This might be my last post on broadband until I reach Tulsa. I just wanted to say thanks to all those who are praying for my and Erin's safe travel. And, of course, I must add, "BEHAVE!" *g*

I'm heading to bed, all. Good night and God bless.


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After so many years of dial-up you can't survive without broadband for so little, I'm embarresed for all the little nubs around the world.


Mrs. Tek7
(Heh. This is Tek, using Erin's account while she finishes packing.)

We're off! In forty-five minutes, we'll leave for Springfield and arrive shortly before midnight. Everyone, please keep us in your prayers. We'll be married soon, w00t!

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