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I've installed the 14-day trial and created a character on Lamorak-Albion. His name is Brevitas (Latin for "shortness, brevity") and he's a Briton Fighter. I plan on making him a Paladin, assuming I get that far.

Please add Brevitas to your friends list. :)

EDIT: Moved guild invite request to appropriate location.
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Question: What areas were added to the game in Shrouded Isles? I played Dark Age of Camelot during the beta and six months after the game went retail, so I never played any of the expansions. I'd like to explore as many new areas as possible before my fourteen days are up.
Avalon Isle is pretty much the main portion of Shrouded Isles (in Albion, at least). If you port to Gothwaite Harbor (from pretty much any channeler/portal), you will find yourself near the low level portion of the land. That area should tie you over for a while.

Of course, now you have maps built into the game. So check them out. When you get to Gothwaite, you can check out the maps for Shrouded Isles. They're not very detailed, but give you an idea of what areas there are and where you are in them.
I just gained two and a half levels plus about seven gold in Darkness Falls...after entering DF as a level 6 Paladin.

I grouped with three players around level 30 and watched them wipe out several baddies (and swung my sword a few times) after somehow surviving the sprint into DF and past a few angry mobs. I have screenshots available for those who don't believe me. :)
Well, my 14 days in Camelot are over, but I wanted to thank everyone who helped make it an enjoyable experience. I'd like to give special thanks to Mythran for spotting Brevitas 10 gold when he first appeared in Cotswold. :)

I'd like to come back again during Mythic's next "Come Back to Camelot" event, but can't make any promises.
I've posted 23 screenshots taken during my 14-day trial in two new Dark Age of Camelot chapter galleries. Check 'em out.

My trial is over, but I had a great time exploring Albion and Midgard again. Thanks to everyone who made it an enjoyable experience!

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