Terrorpene - Hunter Pet


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If anyone is of interest in getting the Flaming Turtle of Awesome. I shall share my recommendations and notes from Balvarine.

1) His Spawn time is \"Whenever he feels like it\" after a 6 Hour Cooldown. This can be over 24 hours.

2) It took me 15 hours to tame the turtle!

3) He spawns ~most likely~ in the Southern Most end of Sulfurons Spires Flame Pits. Otherwise he will spawn straight north of that still in the lowest part of the flame pits.

4) He paths across the flame pits in a V shape.

5) _NPCScan UI mod is a must.

6) He is heavily farmed, and your only chance will be to catch him after spawning camping for hours or pure insane luck. Over my 15 hour spawn camp I noted about 13 other hunters who waited between 5 minutes to two hours....had I been a little less lucky a Hunter would of been there and gotten the turtle before me! (Thank Goodness no one was playing New Years Day)

7) He can kill you at 85. He will kill you at 82. I died as the tame completed on Balvarine. He randomly does a 10,000 damage per second beam attack...if your lucky you\'ll only have it blasted on you once, or twice with a wide window of ultra-weak melee hits in between...if your not lucky he\'ll chain cast that on you till you die. Fire Resist is 4x as effective versus his abilities.

8) Haste is awesome. If you pop Heroism or a Speed Potion or whatever else and manage to bring Tame Pet down to 6 seconds your guaranteed to a new turtle pet. Just note, because it\'s a channeled spell you can\'t actually tell when the tame will end...and it will look like it \"failed\" as you\'ll actually have two \"ticks\" of Tame Pet (yet the first instantly \"destroys\" the mob and turns it into a pet, voiding the 2nd tick). Just summon up your new turtle.
I lucked out, and the first time I flew over to actually "hunt" for him, I found him near a fishing botter.
I kept my hunter there for a few weeks whilst playing alts. Every once in a while I just did a quick log in / check for him and got lucky after a bit - no NPC scan used, he is fairly obvious when he is actually there.
Must have had insane luck. My warlock found him twice in the process of doing dailies out there. First time I did not know he was a potential hunter pet and I attacked him. He sure hits hard lol.