The 22-23k health Support Ele, Tanker solo Ele Armor build set up by Tungsten


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I'm giving this out because there are a lot of players who enjoy their Elementalist as support. Over the last several months, I've tried out perhaps 4 full exotic armor sets, costing roughly 42k in total each to perfect the best combo support and solo PvE elementalist out there. It's one thing to make a build based upon build theory, and another to play test it in the field.

Here is Support Ele, in completion how they should be set up. The better our Ele's in our guild, the better dungeon runs we will have.

Pay more attention to the Armor and equipment set up than what secondary skill chosen. Each player play's different, so there is some minor room for change. For example, there are time where the Sylvari racial regeneration skill Healing Seed is better to use than the ele's Signet of Restoration.

When switching to Dagger Dagger for solo play, consider Shaman's daggers to be the optimal choice here. For Dagger Sigil's, consider Sigil of Corruption or Life for one dagger, and Sigil or Restoration or Stamina for the second dagger.

The solo weapon can be whatever you desire it to be, the focus of the build I'm presenting is mainly for Armor and Trinket set up.

The goal of this build is to get you to focus on Water, and Earth attributes for solo and dungeons. Later on I'll discuss a proper DPS Fire and Lighting set up.

Hope this helps, as the Ele is a fantastic class to play and enjoy, even better when you have more than 11,000 health or 14,000 health so you can live to tell the tale. Build a better bunker / support ele, and you will enjoy your game more.

Later on, when I can take a break, I'll post a proper DPS Armor set up that has more firepower than you know what to do with, and health (20+k worth) to live though that boss fight.
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Is this build somewhere else also? Orin said he would post more later and I don't see that. The post is a few months old. I'm working on this build. Orin, I'm wondering what kind of weapon to get for my staff and D/D. vitality/healing power/condition damage still? I noticed my precision went way down....I am not totally done, so far I have 19.5 k health which is wayyyy up from my 10k I had. =)
Hi, I've not been on the forums for months, just read this Lisarayne. You have no precision in this build as it's unnecessary for a conditions damage and healing build. One change on the build, there is a better rune set, called Superior Rune of Scavenging, that adds +7% of total vitality to condition damage. Also for your runes on your weapon it depends on your focus. If you want to be a healer, go Sup Sigil of Life, if damage go Sup Sigil of Corruption. Hope this helps.