The Brit has left the building

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I have just returned from delivering Rizz to Tulsa International Airport, where he will begin his lengthy trek back to his home country. I know I speak for all the Tulsa "crew" when I say it was a pleasure to have him stay with us for a brief time.

Oh, and be especially nice to Rizz over the next few days. Jetlag is quite rotten, from what he tells us.


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woot time for work!! yeeehaaw.

We treked through

WOot 8 states and counting!


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25 hours eh rizz.

When I flew to Glasgow from Calgary, I did a stint like that.

Up at 8 am.  Worked till noon.  At airport by 2 on plane by 5pm.  7 hour flight made it 12 am my time, 7am Glasgow time.  Couldn't get into room at hotel until noon so we walked around Glasgow and did a bus tour.  Finally get to hotel room at 2pm.  Thats 23 hours.  btw...It was my wife, son and I up that long, so its not easy as we were all quite grumpy.  It would've been easier if it was just myself. We slept until 10am the next morning.  That was a gruelling first day in the UK.

So, I completely understand where you are coming from.


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lol i know what jet lag is going across the pacific from richmond that is hard 13 hour plane ride uh