The end in Prydwen


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When odale arrived on the scene it was just another normal day with nothing to do except help other people.  Today is was Sashser, Puddleglum's latest scout.  He asked for an invite into the guild and, odale being so generous, he invited him in.  In Gothwaite odale gave him 20g to set him on his way, and showed Sashser where the free armor people were in Camelot.

On the way out of Camelot, odale saw Prydwen keep.  this brought back memories of how odale, formerly known as Oddbob, came to be.  In August of 2002, Oddbob was made in Prydwen keep in the realm of Albion on the server Percival.  As the memories were flooding in, odale remembered when he was invited into Knights of the Trinity, to go claim a keep, Erasleigh in the old foundations, on guild hunts and raids. The time he spent with icthus, shenia, colbi, zigafus, moniere, peiter, jazmina, blednnyn, tisket, myth, ansley, golgaros and the lovely Yigowin (aka Twighlight) and others.  Odale became a level 50 in December of 2003, one year ago almost exactly.  And as odale came back, he realized that it was time to move on.  By this time he was sitting in front of Sister Gwendolyn, where the journey began.  

Now, two and a half years later, it has to end. It wasnt very easy for odale to log off this very last time, with all those memories swirling around in his head.  But we do need to move on, to bigger and better things.


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Stepping from the local pub, covering himself up with his cloak to hide his pronounced Inconnu features, stopping for a moment to consider what he meant to do. Finally deciding to go, he turns toward Camelot and sees Odale walking across the bridge from Camelot obviously caught up in heavy thought, staring off into the distance. He knows that he will not be fighting alongside Odale in combat again, he stands for a moment remembering the past. A few moments later remembering the words of Daragath, he turns resolutely toward Camelot starting his way to his destination.
Putting away her tools and looking at the darkening sky, knowing the time was near. Soon they would meet her and they would go together into the city to live out their lives in peace, putting behind their dangerous and difficult life for a more simple basic life.
Stepping from the house, where everything of their old lives is left indefinitely, locking the door tightly and giving the merchant instructions for care of the home, pausing a moment to reflect on his previous adventures that had begun this very same way but knowing this time it was different, he sets off for their meeting place.

Looking up she finds Thasten approaching, no longer the dark foreboding figure of a skeleton with an undead minion in tow, but a simple Inconnu in the plain clothes that she made for their journey. Stopping beside her Thasten simply embraces Shenia knowing that they are doing the right thing, they and Avengar had grown close through the Trinity and realized that they all desired a simpler slower life, but had not known how to go about it, until they met Daragath. Thinking back Thasten remembers his first meeting with the young Heretic, he had been practicing his summoning in a secluded field when Daragath approached attracted by the odd sounds and incantations coming from the field. They talked and Daragath told him that he knew of a place underground where no one else knew of and they could live in peace, with that Thasten knew that was what he wanted and had talked with Avengar and Shenia both of which quickly agreed that they wanted to go. Wearily stepping from the shadows approaching the two figures he know to be his friends, Avengar stepped up greeting both of them. They stand together a few moments remembering days past before walking up to the back of the church. Upon meeting up with Daragath without words they descend into the sewers. After a few minutes of walking, Daragath draws the little company together indicating a portion of the wall. Shenia almost without prompting produces the only remaining remnant of her old life, a well-worn and darkened quarterstaff, planting it firmly onto the mark indicated by Daragath. The small company slowly firmly grips the staff with one hand focusing on the staff they all begin the incantation taught to them by Daragath. Witnessed only by a few rats and ancient ruins, the small company is enveloped by a blinding white light, with a flash they disappear silently, only leaving a small burn on the stones left by the base of the staff…


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Montrez Anthony looked at the room he had lived in for the last two years. He strained and remember what the sounds of worship used to be like, now the empty halls echoed cold. “My Lord, its so hollow now.” He whispered to his savoir. But in the back of his mind he felt the presence of God and felt in his spirit that this to will pass, this longing and sadness. He knew God called all his children else where, to do his will.

His heart was heavy, He looked out the window at the partially hidden moon. He had come at night, alone. So not to have to say goodbye to his Brothers and  Sisters. So they would not have see his tears. He smiled, if they only really knew who he was or what he had done. He felt the Father’s presence again. They Did know him and who he was, He was changed, a new creation in Christ.

He neatly arranged his Armor on the Stand and laid his Paladins sword and Axe on his bed with the Letter Dawife had written. Her farewells and Blessings. From under the bed he pulled the old dusty trunk, his fingers lingered on it caressing it fro a moment. He thought of Malohaut, Litsafalda, Odale, (a smile creep on his face) Icthus, Cam, Peiter, Ansely and all the others who where brothers and sisters in Christ, battle and war.

He quickly filled the basin with water and with a strait razor quickly and expertly shaved his head and face, removing his long hair and full beard. He put on the common clothes of a peasant, and then opened a large folded bandolier of weapons and placed quite a few strategically about his person.

He looked at himself one last time on the mirror, amazed once again how different his faced looked. He opened the window, seeing the Banner swaying lightly in the breeze he surveyed the street. All clear, without so much as a back ward glance he jumped out the window, caught the banner pole swung around it once, and then performing a simple backfilp landed lightly on the ground next to the building in the shadows. His canvas shoes making no sound as he made his way to the docks, to his Wife and to where God would bring them next.

He knew many of the guild went to retire and Live a life of well deserved quiet. "Bless them and keep them safe oh "Lord' He muttered. He wished them the best, and a prang of sadness hit him. He knew that that was not for him. He smiled War and conflict called him, and he was ever so good at it. His wife would balk a bit, but Dawife was a fair hand with a sword,herself and after 3 months at sea just the two of the on a 36 foot sailer, she would welcome the chance to swing her sword at something. He just had to kept it from being him........he smiled at the thought, now there was a challenge, Maybe a few extra prayers would be in order.

It was looking to be a lovely night for a boat ride


This was very beautifully written. I'm sorry the Trinity got so empty. You are well remembered and loved, as well as all the others you mentioned. I look forward to maybe someday meeting back up with you again in another game. God bless my friend. You will be loved and never forgotten.