The fried eyed button mashing noob...

Hey, all. As you can see there(points to user name) I'm You're Going Down, Pie!, but if you would like, you can call me Pie...or...Down...or Going...heck, you can even call me You're if you really want to. But, it's good to see all these Christian gamer's forums online. Anyway, good to be here!
Hi pie man, welcome to the boards
OH no, someone took my avatar! I was scrolling down, and I thought to myself, hey I posted something, wonder what I wrote, but then I thought thats wierd, I didn't write that, and then I realized my avatar was taken! I saw it first! they got a cool picture of strongbad if you want it hehe..(btw welcome to the forums, You're) But multiple uses of a single avatar is not acceptable  
(chuckles)I guess everyone's gonna call me You're now...hehehe...I don't mind, nickname's a nickname...

BTW, my fav genres are RPG's and FPS's. As you can see, I'm a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, and I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for FF7: Advent Children to arrive...(looks at watch)...grumblecakes...still over six months...
HURRAH FOR ADVENT CHILDREN!!!! you download many of the trailors?
my friend has the illegal ff7:AV official trailor in english
ive downloaded like 2 diff ones that ive kept. im to slow an internet to stream stuff.