The Great Gnome Roam of 2010


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Following through on a suggestion by Goodwone, I am announcing that we have the greatest fellowship event of the year to date! The object of this is a gnome footrace...a level one mage gnome roam to be exact! And the course will not be your everyday, average run from... say Iron Forge to Menethil Harbor... oh no! That would just be too blase! Let's try a run instead from say....Dalaran! And we could finish at Moa'ki Harbor! And in the process, let's introduce ourselves to the Queen atop Wyrmrest Temple, visit the Ruby Drangonshire, pass by the gates of Agmar's Hammer to wave hello to the neighbors, to greet the good elves at Star's Rest, then go have a fishfry or something like a gnome baiting at Moa'ki Harbor!

No, no, no! The poor little gnome will not have to run alone! That would just be too masochistic. Instead, each gnome may be accompanied by one level 80 character to ... well, you know... guide them safely along! The winner - if there is one - would be the first one to make it to Moa'ki Harbor! The prize is to be determined at this time, but I am certain the leadership will gladly open the guild bank so that appropriate prizes for such an amazing, stupendous effort would not go without appropriate reward!

Just to recap:
Dalaran to Wyrmrest Temple
Wyrmrest Temple to Star’s Rest via Ruby Dragonshire & Agmar’s Hammer
Star’s Rest to Moa’ki Harbor

Rules and Guidelines
1. Level one gnome mages as they come out of the box are the only entrants.
2. They are to be accompanied by only one level 80 per gnome mage runner.
3. No buffs on them – they won’t do much good anyhow!
4. This must be accomplished on foot without any rides, hearth stones used or flight paths.
5. No Rez's - gotta run back!
6. This is a race with predetermined checkpoints that must be passed.
7. One minute per item on the Loot List will be shaved off of ending time for your gnome.

LOOT LIST: to be announced the day of the roam.

Now all we need to discuss is time and date. I am recommending Saturday evening, May 15 at about 5 pm server time. Post if you would be available and the whether or not you wanna roam a gnome or escort a gnome roamer.

Oh yes, the guild leaders will pick an appropriate prize like a Primordial Saronite for top prize, I am sure with an nice, appropriate second and third place prize. But the rewards for such an amazing feat of skill and daring will be determined by our awesome and benevolent guild co-leaders!

One important, cannot-do-without helper, would be someone who has the skills and ability to record this gnoamagerie menagerie and post it some place where we could share our fun with our friends and family! Perhaps, it could even be put to appropriate music, edited with appropriate captions, etc. That, however, is beyond my simple skills to come up with such an artistic masterpiece! Volunteers? Please!
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I'll try to be there on Redmats! That's right - your friendly banker is already a level 1 gnome mage!

I'll be roaming in style with my Battered Jungle Hat, Diamond Tipped Cane, full Haliscan suit, and flowing white beard.
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I talked with Sambeau last night about this. It sounds like a lot of fun. I will work with the other officers to make sure that Redeemed puts forth a worthy prize. We are thinking maybe May 15th at around 5PM Server. This is Sambeau's idea so I will leave it to him to be the organizer. Thanks Sambeau for the idea. I am excited.