The Leftovers - Raid Group


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We are looking to form another group for raiding. Does your old group raid at an inconvenient time? Not have a tanking spot? Are you just tired of sub'ing and want to be with an established group for some consistency week to week? Then the leftovers are for you. :)

We currently have members both in an out of guild and will take all for a consistent team.

Expectations are that people show up on time, all gear is gem'ed and enchanted appropriately, bring all flasks and food that you will need for your class, don't stand in the bad stuff and know the fights.

Currently the plan is to raid on Tues. and Fri. nights at 8 server (possible adjustment due to the weird AZ time change). We will be raiding for 3 hours with one break at the mid-way point.

Post a reply or pst in game if interested in joining.


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Updates to Raiding Times

Sadly Tues/Fridays are exactly the days I can't raid.
Based on inputs from the group we have been asked to change the raiding days we will raid. We are now looking at raiding on Sunday and Monday night. The Sunday time will most likely begin at 6 server and the Monday time will be at 8 server.

We are hoping for our first raid to be this coming Sunday, calendar invites are being set up and should go out in the next day or so.


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i may finally be approaching raid ready with my gear, and would love to get a spot with you guys sometimes on Mellamoelrey, my shaman can be resto or lee, and am actually working on an enhanc set atm as well.