The not so normal what are you listening to thread.


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Yes, this concept has been around for awhile but still interesting in my opinion to do every now and again, as we all should know the general idea is to put down what you are listening to at the moment (if anything). But I am going to try and give it a point and or objective to this.

What I want to try here to start off is this:

I want to create some sort way of creating discussion of what we listen to by obviously listing what music we are listening to at the time (if anything). Secondly: how you got introduced to the particular album/artist/song? Thirdly: why do you like it and is it worth suggesting to other people to get/check out?

So, to start it off I am currently listening to Jack Johnson - Broken from the Curious George sound track.
I was introduced to the song/album was via the radio about a year back when they were playing Upside Down (on the same album as Broken). As for why I like the song/album is that it seems to be fairly consistent in it's entirety in terms of how each of the songs seem to flow together and how they were mixed, it is something one can certainly have in the background and enjoy imo but I think that partly why I like it. As for if I would suggest it, yeah, I would suggest it or at least take a look at it in whole.
Pierced by Audio Adrenaline.

I was introduced to Audio Adrenaline by my sister and her friend when we used to go to the same small group (about 5 years ago).

It's a good song. It's kind of a mix betweena worship song and a not worship song. It's a sweet tune. I'd recommend it.
Raised by the Tide - Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

I was introduced to Maylene by just going surfing through the bands on Ferrett Records, and I liked Maylene.

It has a good chorus, southern-ish, and has a cool guitar riff.
Slow Fade by Casting Crowns

Their second album was cheap on, and I'd heard lots of good things about the band, so I bought it. I was overwhelmed by the writing, and still am by Stained Glass Masquerade

This song is worthwhile for one line, "People don't walk away (from God) in a day, it's a slow fade." Is shows my life ( and lifestyle) in a nutshell.
I don't actually have any music turned on right now (kinda enjoying the quiet morning before a busy day)... but here's the lowdown on the last two songs I purchased:

East to West by Casting Crowns, The Alter and the Door: This song has been all over the local radio station (The River). This is another slow, beautiful, melodic song that seems to have been written at a low-point in someone's life - after every failure at leaving our old selves behind, forgiveness seems so far away. But Jesus shows us just how far away from our sins we are with His far as the east is from the west.

Undo by Rush of Fools (Self-titled CD). Another slow song that I heard on the local radio. I get the vibe that the song was about someone that had let their old ways creep back into their life - focusing on worldly things. It's a prayer for strength and forgiveness to get back on the right track.

And lastly... a song that I seem to skip forward to quite often:

Dear Angel by April Sixth. I have no idea what the CD title is. I had to search far and wide to get the song. It seems that the band broke up and their CD hit the shelves for a very short time, then was pulled by Sony. I originally found this band on another local radio station (Radio U) - they've had 3 songs that were popular at various times. The band members are very talented and played several different styles. I was actually surpised when I saw that all the songs were played by the same band.