The Orange Box, only 10 bucks!

I think I can probably swing 10 bucks!

YESSS. Now to get off campus and find a public spot to buy it (oddly, steam works just the store is blocked... Campus filtering is so wierd.)

Edit: Downloading TF2 Now... Muhahahaha!
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I would, but still, to this day, Steam will not let me login at all...not even with a new account... :( :( :(
Wow, $10 for the Orange Box?

I already own it, but for that price, I kinda want to buy it again just to have on hand as a gift.
Our game night is Tuesday 8:00 pm central new guys :) Come on out for some Toj carnage! Here is the IP so you may add it to your server favorites under steam .
TF2 = fun

TF2 + ToJ server > TF2

TF2 + ToJ competition team + match > TF2 + ToJ server weekends? I work 2nd Shift 2:30-11pm EST...M-F... :(
We play on the weekends, too, but Tuesday is Tribe of Judah's Team Fortress 2 chapter's dedicated game night. We're on throughout the week, but TF2sday is when you're guaranteed to find the server active.
Usually you can find quite a few people from toj online on the weekends. On the weeknight there are usually 2-4 of us that play on the cc servers.
It's been over since Monday. :( Knowing Valve though, they'll probably lower the prices in the next month or two. :D