The World of Axanthisis

The World Of Ayanthius

There were once two brothers of great power and might who decided to create for themselves a world of their own. The older wanted a perfect paradise where he could live in peace and be eternally happy, but the younger wanted a world full of wars and suffering where he could be constantly entertained by the endless death and fighting. When the world was created the older brother filling this world with men and elves and other creations that could live in harmony. The younger brother, however, bored with the creations of his elder filled it with Orcs and Goblins and many other atrocities that attack those of his brother. The older brother decided that if a war was to be had, he would win it, and so he aided his own creations so that they could wipe those of his brother off the face of Ayan, which is what he had decided to call this world. The younger brother angered by this, aided his creations, so his brother's could be cleansed from Thius, the name he picked for this world. Because the two brothers were of equal might, the war lasted for years and years, until the younger brother in his impatience directly attacked his elder. In the end they were both destroyed by each other, leaving Ayanthius to its fate.

Sign up sheet

Race: Man, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Goblin etc. You may create your own race, but give a description.
Class: Wizard, Warrior, Theif, Scout, or a cross between two i.e. Warrior-wizard
Occupation: If your occupation is not common then give a description (keep in mind, that this place is a Fantasy World, so no volconologists or other of the sort.)
Weapons: Everyone needs a weapon, even a shopkeeper, so what is yours (multiple weapons are allowed, as well as magic, but please describe if that is the case)
Magic: Any magical abilties your character posseses.
Bio: A short history of your character.

Let me also place some basic rules.
1. Your Character must be killable. I have participated in to many RPGs where characters are so perfect it isn't fun

2. Don't use someone elses character without there consent. Many times someone will have there make someone elses character battle or fall in love with another character, and it is very anoying.

3. No profanity, inuendos, or other of the sort.

4. Be realistic. I have read RPGs where one man can single handedly take down armies, or convince people to give them there soul and stuff, it is not cool to be stupid.

have fun!
SIGN ME UP!!! I'll be Atown of course,
i'll be a Elf,
age 20 sometin
class will be aPyrotechnic/Scout.
occupation: searching the world for treasure and hopefully blowing something up to get them.
Bio: , 6'3, lanky, i roam around trying to get rich and blow stuff up. me happy doing that but maybe theres something more\
Weapon: metal staff that i can light the ends on fire while fighting
magic ability: i have pyrokenisis, and i can light stuff on fire and i can summon a big fire beast thingy..... oooho and i can have a blinding ash atk
Here is my character

Name: Axanthisis
Age: 27

Race: Human with some elvish blood in him

Class: Warrior-wizard (he posses a few magic abilities taught to him by a freind

Occupation: Mercenary
Weapons: His weapons inclued (but are not limited to) An Elvish sword given through heritage, a War Hero's Hand Axe (given to Axanthisis at the heros death)

Magic: He learned to distort time in his favour so he can speed himself up while slowing others down. He can also work with small scale pyrotics

Bio: Axanthisis was once a wealthy buisnessman who lived with his beautiful elvish with and his baby son. However, in a raid, his house was burnt to the ground and his family (to his knowlege) were killed, leaving him with nothing but an Elvish sword protected by a magic evoked by his wife. He was later trained to fight, by Juru, an old war hero. When Juru died, he gave Axanthisis his famous hand axe. Axanthisis Then became a mercenary, which he is to this date.
*walks into an odd little town* hmmm now time to find the richest family in town * walks in to pub*
*sits at bar* hey can i get some milk ?? btw anyone needing a gardener around these parts?
Bartender: lol doubt it. the only guy around is the freaking rich dude bout a mile north of here. might check though
Axanthisis, sat inside the Tavern, in the corner he had earned via reputation. He stared at the weak customers, and alchoholics. He knew that it would make them uncomfortable. Suddenly, a rather large man entered with several of his freinds, he and his freinds were laughing and cursing a making a scene. Axanthisis glared at them. Either they were terribly drunk, or they were trying to ignore him. Axanthisis knew it was the third, by the way they that the large one kept fidgeting uncomfortable, and peered over his shoulder to see if he was still watching. Axanthisis smiled, this was exactly what he wanted. These men didn't belong here, nor did Axanthisis want them. Finally the largest one stood up and walked over to Axanthisis.
"Why ish you continue to shtare at me and me *hic* freindsh." said the large man, angry at the mercenary

"Why are you here."

"To *hic* relaxsh."

"Your company is distastful, go elsewhere."

"You think you *hic* jusht shcare ush away like that? Huh? Thish *hic* plashe dishen't belong to you no how."

"Quick the contrary my freind, it does."

"Thish guy thinksh he'sh sho funny. Well my freindsh and I shay you can leave." The corpulent fellow said retrieving a rather large club he had holstered to his back.

"Are you hard of hearing or just to drunk, to realize I meant what I said, be gone."

"I'm shtaying right here, and nothing you shay can change my mind."

"Fine then. If you won't leave willingly, then I will break you."

"WHat *hic* ish you shaying?"

"You fear me, I saw it in your eyes the minute your filth entered this place. It is because of that fear that you will leave or die, and I am not fooling around as you once."

The man squirmed. He knew now was the time to decide. Unfortunately, is immense drunkness caused him to choose wrong. He attacked, but Axanthisis saw it comming. Before the fat man could comprehend what had happened, he felt the sting of cold steel entering his stumach. He faltered and fell to the ground.

"Take you freind from my presence. He will live, so long is you treat his wounds, seeing as you are drunk, I would suggest you get help. Begone, I never want to see such filth before me again.
*hears a dude get slashed* heh, someone means business..... hmmm (might have some good stuff to "borrow") *walks over and sits down next to merc* hey me name is Atown. *looks at dead guy* .... so u use like a mace or an axe or a hatchet on that guy?
Atown watched as his freinds dragged away the large man.

"I left the filth alive." Said Axanthisis "Oh and by the way, the ax belongs to me, and you aren't going to take it. Only the theif Corrick son of Ingrad could acomplish such a feat. Now begone, it is not very often I am merciful, and you will not be as furtunate as the drunk man here moments ago."
Ha, dont be so cocky, and who said anything about taking an axe? i just wanted to see it.
"What kind of fool do you take me for. Do I appear to be a mere idiot uncapable of reading your intentions in your eyes. I am growing impatient with you. Begone.
ah comeon i just orderd some chili. plus u cant be ALL perfect i mean sheesh all i ever wanted was some chili, some milk, and a little conversaion. btw u anything bout a rich dude bout a mile north of here?
You are a very persistent fellow. I would under normal circumstances have killed you, however I promised an old freind that I wouldn't kill any theives like you who deservd it. Your persistence is a virtue, remember that. As for the man up north, all I know is that he is what I once was, rich, and unprepared for a theif or a raid. If you want to steal from him, it wouldn't be hard. However, I ask you to take as little as you can, he needs a lesson taught to him, but not one so harsh as mine.
as little as i can..... thats kinda oxy moron........ so i cant burn down the front gate and rush in?? alrighty then i will burn a hole in the side and sneak in. does he have like valuable swords or jewels on him anything?
He has large sums of money to my knowledge. Rumor is he posses a seeing stone given to him by his father. If indeed he owns such an item leave it. Such a possetion is priceless to him, becuase of its heritage. Leave him with enough money to make living, I was left with nothing.
MMmmmm? and i guess ur gonna stop me if i do right?? heh riiiight... *sees chili place infront of him* SWEET, thankyou bar keep. *eats all in slurp* ah, warms the heart and soul (and sometimes ur bowls
) well i'll be off north of here. seeyalater. *walks off without paying bar keep* hmmmm well lets go north. *starts walking north*
Axanthisis rose to his feet and left, making sure to pay for his drink, and that of the theif.
He followed him outside, keeping watch on him but making sure that he remained unseen.
Then when he saw a good moment he relieved the theif of his weapons, in a movement so swift, that the theif wouldn't have noticed, had Axanthisis stopped and waved them in his front face for good measure.
"You seem to think that theivery is merely fun and games." Said Axanthisis, "But there are certian things that shouldn't be allowed, I can tell by your eyes you would have taken the things that I commanded you not to take. I can also see you desire these. If I find out you do indeed take the stone, and more money than you need to, then I will once again relieve you of your items. I kid you not."
heh, gj. didt think ud really follow me but ok. and what use of a stone would i have i mean sheesh. plus i only need enough money to make it to Lake Misuko where they have a legendary temple, of which i would like to "patronize". btw id let go of my staff..... *eyes glow and sets staff ablaze in Axan's hands* told you so
Axanthisis, saw the fire trick coming, and let the staff go. "Take what you need from the buisnessman up north. He needs to learn. When you are done return to the Tavern, there is a man in the Legendary Temple who needs to be taught a lesson. He betrayed me. I was planning on heading there soon. I shall accompany you."
HA sweet. see i knew my magnetic personality would win ya over ^_^. *Grabs staff* alrighty then seeya in a few hours. btw pick up a saddle on ur way back to town. *starts jogging to the north and sees a mansion a distance away.