This Monday: The Judgement Seat of Christ

David's Sling

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Tomorrow I will be sharing insights from the Bible concerning the end times, via podcast by Jimmy DeYoung, a very knowledgeable prophetic scholar.

He has lived in Jerusalem for quite a while, and has had a front row seat to the fulfilling of prophesy.

There is a 5-hour series that he did concerning the Judgement seat of Christ. I will share you the closing portion of that series. It has many practical applications for our world today, and if this topic interests you, I urge you to get the rest of his series.

God Bless,

Ryan (Bible Study Assistant)


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Sounds interesting. Eschatology is one of those tough subjects that so many people disagree on. Do you have a link to the podcast? ^_^

David's Sling

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Information on it can be found at Prophecy Today with Jimmy DeYoung. Jimmy DeYoung's website can be found here.

The particular podcast was entitled "A Look at the Book," which contains prophetic talks on many subjects, one of which is the Judgement Seat of Christ.

You can download the podcast for free from the iTunes music store. If you don't have iTunes, I recommend you get it. It is a free download from Apple, and is completely compatible with Windows.

Kyrel Ruth

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This was so awesome! Thank you, Ryan. I look forward to more of this. I am just so hungry for God's Word :)