Any one else heard of this?
Not me.

But it looks mighty interesting! Bookmarked the blog....

Edit: And immediately upon navigating away, I am stalked by ads for it and Rift. lol
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I'm pretty sure the entire games industry has forgotten what "alpha" and "beta" mean.

Former meaning: Testing phases where willing and interested people play the game, report bugs, and help prepare the game for release.

New meaning: Give us money for this incomplete game.

I blame Minecraft. :p


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While I agree to an extent (Trion is a fairly large company, and should be able to develop the game with out all the buy-ins) I do like that they are giving people the ability to access the game early. Yes, there are a lot of crashes, but the developers are also very active, and are actually listening to the community. :)


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I admit I enjoy the options and often buy in on early access/ alpha, especially when lots of kick starter like bonus swag.

Im glad they are doing it.


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Right now, the gameplays like a cross between Cube World and Minecraft. So far, pretty fun with a lot of potential.


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Hello all,

I currently have two extra alpha keys for this game, and would like to give them out here. If you were interested in the game, but didn't want to spend any money on it, nows the time. The best part? Once you are in you are in for life, no more having to buy anything.. Beta starts on the 25th, so nows a good time to get familiar with it, before everything gets wiped..

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Meeeee!!!! Please!!!
Lol well you made someone happy today :D.

I considered Trove but I'm good on games atm. Though if Trove ends up getting a bunch of CGA people to play with I will probably try it out.


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Ok, fine since no one else wants it, I'll take it if you have it. I can play that while waiting for the horrendous ArcheAge cue.