Unofficial Operations group starting - Please read and sign up inside


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Hello everyone. Bretta here. My brother (Vadder) and I will be leading an unofficial guild operations group beginning Saturday, February 18th at 3:00 pm PST (6:00 pm EST) and every Saturday thereafter. The goal of this group will be to clear normal 8 man Eternity Vault. We will be taking guild members first and then filling up the empty slots with pugs. If you would like to come we encourage you to sign up by replying and we will add you to the list.

Some things to keep in mind...
1. You will need mumble
2. You will need to bring a stack of role specific stims, adrenals, and medpacs or bring your Rakata stim, adrenal, and medpac. (and use them:D)
3. This is not an official guild run
4. This ops group will not take place if Vadder and I are already saved to normal EV from an official guild run that took place prior to Saturday night. (or if an official guild run is planned for that week)
5. If you would like to attend, please sign up by replying so we can add you to the list.

After we get normal EV down easily we will be adding normal 8 man Karraga's Palace to the list. Thank you!

1. Vadder (tank)
2. Kracer (tank) (side note: hopefully one tank can bring a dps set for the bosses that require no offtank)
3. ...... (healer)
4. ...... (healer)
5. Bretta (melee dps)
6. Sarugon (ranged dps)
7. Rockhound (ranged dps)
8. Whon (melee dps)
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Hey all, just to reiterate what Bretta has posted. Are hopes in running this Guild/PUG group is to help some of our existing 50s to start to get geared up for when we have enough 50s for the Guild to run Offical Guild OPs groups. So if your 50, come get a head start in OPerations and if your still leveling, keep trekking along. :)
Still working on T2 pieces, but I can help as BH Pyrotech DPS until we get the official one up.
I would also be interested in doing some operations until we get official runs going. Bounty Hunter arsenal DPS.
I'd like to fill in when I can, I'm new to the operations, but I'd be willing to learn

Whon - Warrior Marauder - melee dps
Man I want to off-tank, but my wife is due to have our second baby in two weeks, so I doubt I'd be able to be consistant.
If I'm available at the times you decide to go then I'll be interested in joining, but these days my schedule is too unpredictable for me to be able to say for certain that I'll be on.
Don't worry about having to many of one class or another. A few of us are willing to repec to help make the right balance work, so just post your main spec for now and we'll see what we get. :)
I'd like to attend, I'm hoping to get to 50 by the weekend (Level 45 atm). Maybe not this weekend because I'd have to gear up first. PT Tank spec.
Be ready for the operation group this coming Saturday the 25th! We have plenty of each role now so we just need people to log in! Cya there :)
I have my Juggernaut Tank and Sorc Healer geared and ready to go for today's Raid! We'll have enough of each class to actually start today so PLEASE log in and be ready! :) Should be a blast!

God Bless
I'll be there as long as I don't get any last minute service calls that I have to do at 5PM CST.
Our all guild run of normal EV yesterday went very well. We cleared all of Eternity Vault and got some people some very nice upgrades. Next week I hope to clear EV quickly and try some Karraga's Palace. Thanks for showing up guys and see you all next Saturday!

Edit: Here are some videos for the first 3 bosses of KP. We should be able to clear them no problem. :)


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UPDATE: For Saturday, March 3 Ops!!!

I will NOT be available for TODAY's Ops, as I'm flying out of town today for working 3 months in Hawaii. :)

So you'll be short either my Healer,Tesla or my Tank, Vadder. :(

ALSO, Bretta has told me he probably won't make it back from his Reserves weekend in time for the Ops either, so his LEET DPS won't be there either. :(

If Grim or anyone else wants to lead this Ops, feel free. Sorry about this and we'll be back in action next Saturday! Good luck and have fun.

God Bless,
Sorry I couldn't make it to the operations group yesterday. I will be back this coming Saturday and ready to go. Hopefully we will get 8 people on, ready to clear EV and some bosses in KP :)