just to let everyone know;
the MRI on my liver was done this morning to identify the spot they found
so please keep the results in prayer that it is not cancer.

i have had several appointments and days of being ill so my in game time has lacked alot.
i must say i was able to get on Sunday night for a great bible study with Zera and good fellowship with everyone...it seemed to lift me up a bit when i really needed it.

my poor wife is worried because im the only family member who hasn't got cancer.
i tryed to keep her less stressed even to the point of telling her
"don't worry honey i can order another liver off of ebay"
needless to say she doesn't share my dry humor lol

hope to see you all in game soon
I think you get a better liver cheaper from New Egg or Tiger Direct, I heard Rosewill has gotten better at making those. Will pray for you.
so far the doctors have determined i have a Lesion on my liver
currently they are watching it with periodical MRI's and other tests to monitor my liver function
they are telling me it is a 50-50 chance of being cancer.

i know GOD is in control but the "not knowing" is driving me crazy.
people around me aren't helping cause they are treating me like im dying
eventhough there is no definate proof it is anything serious yet.

i haven't told my mother due to her being ill and she would probably freak out and make herself sick

thanks for your continuing prayers everyone and ill keep you up to date as i find things out

I haven't been in game much lately due to work and some complicated home issues but please know that I am PRAYING for you, brother.
Still say ya need to check New Egg and Tiger Direct. Ya know I am praying.
Thanks everyone for your continued prayers...there is no Waynos 3.10 update..the next update will be announced at the sound of a trumpet
(We will all update then lol)