A wind blows, chilling the traviler to the core. He wraps his cloak more tightly around him trying to keep the wind out. He knew if he didn't continue on with his journey his strange visions of the wonderous lands and strange 'doyhah' as he named them would continue to drive him mad.
The dreams we of a wonderous place mostly in a land dotted with gigantic mushrooms swaying in the wind, narrow bridges crosssed over the swamp-like landscape. leading to great buildings unlike any seem before. Inside the buildings were great 'doyhah' and challenegs very unlike what could be found in the land he knew. The allure of the challenges drove him to search for this place. Just before waking from the vision he would see himself drawing back from a cave and hear what sounded like "D'ni", giving him hope that he would find the land.
Traviling far and wide he came upon a tavern, low and dark, built out of what apeared to be mud and some leaves. While resting himself around a hearty ale, he overheard the conversation of a few hardened miners. They were talking of the strange cave that was discovered to the north, and how some ventured in but have yet to return. The traviler knew imediatly that this must be the cave from his visons, and decided to set out at morning. Upon fall of the following night, he had reached the cliffside and the mysterous cave. He decided to rest for the night before venturing into the cave and started setting up camp. That night the traviler had a powerful vision of the lands he had been seeing and knew that he had found his destination.
Morning lazely came waking the traviler, he packed his gear and drove a strange stake into the ground before venturing into the gaping, dark cave. After walking a few paces into the cave he felt the strange feeling of falling, although his feet were telling him that his feet were fermly planted on the ground. Turning around he found the entrance had dissapeared! His only choice now was to press on and see what awaits him in this new land.
Before leaving he had left a simple note upon his bed to be discovered by his roommates,
"I have gone to find my true potential, I am not fit for the life of thoughtless distruction. If you wish to find me ask of the D'ni. Shorah biv"
Shenia Wakes with a start, another dream. They are getting more frequent. She muses to herself, "I hope he finds and answer to this soon, I don't know how long I can take this!"
Walking outside Shenia casts a unfamiliar spell, gasping she turns and runs back inside. The stake's been planted.
She knows that she may have her answer, deciding to follow her instructions, she prepares to leave in a week.