Warband Commands


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Warband Leader Commands:
/wbc promote <name> - promotes a member to assistant
/wbc demote <name> - removes the assistant permissions
/wbc makeleader <name> - promotes that player to leader and makes you assistant

Warband Leader & Assistant Commands:
/wbc convert 1 - converts a private Warband or group to a public WB
/invite <name> - sends a player an Accept/Decline window to join your WB
/kick <name> - removes a player from your Warband
/wbc move <name> <#> - moves the player to the indicated group (where # = 1-4)
/wbc swap <player1> <player2> - switches the positions of the two indicated players
i tried /lockout on one when my UI wasn't acting right to see how long was left until we captured and it didn't seem to work... or is that when a BO is marked "LOST" ?
/partynote <text>

Use it to describe what your warband is all about.

Firstly, regarding the above comment, yeah it didn't work for me either but it is in the helpful tips in the game! Maybe they'll fix it.

Secondly, regarding the /wbc promote command to make an assistant, the game currently gives you an error msg, but it actually does work! It makes the target person an assistant so they can invite people to the wb and move peeps around in it. So ignore the error message for now.
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