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I'm making a custom campaign map for the Frozen Throne and would like some people to test it out with. It's a 3 player co-op map where you control a hero and fight with your friends through a little dungeon type environment. The environment is very interactive (I hope) and there are fun scripted boss events.

If anyone wants to test the map with me please lemme know. I normally test by myself or with friends on B.net East. My name's Tebran.
I'd be willing to help test it, but I couldn't commit to a certain date or time to help out. Most of my recent game time has been spent playing Left 4 Dead, preparing for a TF2 scrim, or trying out Source mods.

Still, it sounds like fun and I have a copy of WC3, so I'm interested in testing.
I'm testing the map out today at 7-8ish pacific time.

It's looking pretty good. Some players on b.net tested the map out for me and they all said they liked it and that it was a great map.. so far. Still coming up with ideas and turning them into scripts and events as I go along.

Meet up with me on b.net us east. or, u know, email me or pm me.
Ok, so here's what I got so far.

-Custom Loot tables have been added to the game. Loot gradually becomes more powerful as the bosses get better. There are also items that drop for every class, although they are not class specific.
-5 heroes are available to choose from (2 custom, 2 traditional, and 1 hybrid)
-3 classes of heroes (Healer, Tank, Ranged and Melee DPS)
-Scripted boss and environment events
-7 scripted boss events so far
-4 scripted environment events
-9 unique scripted bosses (more on that in spoilers)
-3 small towns have been added for players to use (towns include shops, Taverns [where you can revive your hero], mana wells, and easter eggs)

Here be spoilers. Boss events and scripts are revealed. If you are planning on playing the map, then I encourage you NOT to peak! Instead, consider reading only after you've played the map. Trust me, you won't regret it!

The map, btw, is roughly 1/3 completed. It's taken me a week so far, so I imagine another week or two and it will be up an running.
Ok, so I tried to make the map very interactive. Like, for example, say you pick up a powerful item that just happens to be laying on the map for any travelers to use. The item (you should know this beforehand, but if not it's not important) gives you the ability to attack certain units, and gives you a boost to attack damage. When you put the item in your inventory, that certain unit will spawn and begin attacking you. It ends up working in your favor, because you need the experience from fighting the monster for a later event.

Next event. Let's say, hypothetically speaking, you come across a graveyard. There is a ghost in the center of the graveyard of neutral, uh, persuasion. You decide to kill her, because you're ruthless like that, and all of a sudden 30 skeletons appear in random areas around you and begin attacking your party. It's manageable, sure. Just keeping you on your toes.

Oh, here's a good one. At one point you reach a Mercenary Shop. Typically in Warcraft 3 you are able to purchase mercenaries from the shop to fight for you. These are standard units that have the ability to heal, attack, buff, whatever. But not this time; there's a twist. When you click on the shop it triggers a message explaining what's going on, and you are able to choose one of the Mercenaries to fight against. It's a boss event, and you get to choose who you fight! But it's not easy. The bosses fight differently, and you have to learn to work together and use your abilities strategically. I'm telling you, these bosses are HARD!

Let's continue. Ok, so that Merc boss laid waste to your party the first time, but you were finally able to get it under control after reviving your heroes and discussing tactics. When the boss dies, he leaves behind a unique item. You can use the item to summon the Mercenary again, but this time he fights FOR you! You can control him (he is a mercenary after all) ! And, get this! You will need him for the next event, because THOSE bosses are just too difficult to beat without one of the mercenaries.

So what is this next event, you ask. The next event you will find yourself fighting, well, yourselves. When you chose your heroes at the beginning of the game, a script was triggered. The script, basically, creates a copy of those chosen heroes, and gives them powerful items and makes them much higher level than you are (even at the point when you encounter them). The script even goes so far to add unique custom-made abilities to the heroes to make them even more powerful. Yeah, it's pretty rough.

All of these events are tailored to the players. I wanted to create an immersive and interactive map that requires coordination from everyone. The gameplay is less about button smashing and more about strategy. The bosses are difficult, but not impossible. They are also unique. One boss might exploit one Hero's ability, while another boss is manipulated by the same ability. The heroes' abilities were deliberately chosen, and each event is triggered around those abilities. I also designed each Hero to have the same level of input by the player. No one hero will be doing more fighting or casting than another, they all fight/cast equally. I also changed some of the Hero's abilities. Like the Paladin, for example. Since he's the healer, he gets to keep Holy Light, but everything else has been changed. He can no longer attack, but he can Dispel and Banish. He also carries Brilliance Aura, increasing the parties mana regeneration. When those abilities are combined, he becomes an incredibly powerful Hero. Each heroes' abilities effect the integrity of the group, and the heroes' roles are defined more specifically.

I hope you enjoyed some of these little treats. There's a lot more to bad had in-game! I look forward to you, hopefully, playing the map in the future!
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We're doing some more test runs on Saturday. Anyone's welcome to join.

I took a hiatus from map design but will be getting back into it as a hobby. I've added a lot of events since my last post and hopefully will be able to meet up with some members to test out the map and have fun. I'll host the map up here shortly.
Bump. Doing some more tweaks to the map. I just played it today and it's pretty fun. I'm changing up some of the hero abilities a bit and adding some boss events and more scripts to existing bosses.
I'm trying to find this attachment; any chance it was backed up anywhere? Thank you!