Warrior spec option post 3.1 nerf


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I was tinkering around with potential spec options for the new Titan's Grip tax.

Given the damage tax affecting white damage as well as yellow damage, rage gen nerf as well as damage nerf, I went for a max rage variant.

Talent Spec

I have not tested it yet, but I feel that Unbridled Wrath has greater importance/ value to a fury spec to offset the lost rage gen from the tax.

The drawback is of course losing talent points from elsewhere. I stole it from some of the extra utility talents, and chose to maximize trash dps over keeping Commanding Presence

You could very well keep it by not speccing Improved Cleave and using the 2 extra points that I have put in Anger Management and Improved Execute.

Under the circumstance of having a pally blessing imp might, or in my opinion unimproved might, you would be better off skipping commanding presence.

Of course if you don't have an available pally buff for might in your raid, then you would be better off speccing or it.

Just my two cents and another speccing option for guild fury warriors or tanks using fury as a dual spec.


P.S: Tactical Mastery in arms is optional. It is good if your doing a decent a mount of off tanking, which you might want to look into a dual spec or different spec anyways. Probably a better option would be Iron Will imo.
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Sadly, imp two handed weapons was part of the fury spec before the nerf, so relative to pre nerf the damage is still reduced by 10%.

u need imp 2h to do massive damge as fury the only thing I do is have cp over unw and imp cleave other then it the same.