What disrupts wireless mouses?


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I know monitors and keyboards disrupt it, but I find it strange now...

When I put my headphones on my head, it works half of the time, when I put my headphones above my mouse, it wont work...

So, what else can disrupt wireless mouses?

- Telephones?
- Faxes?
- Clocks?
- Cellphones?


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Their external headphones, so I can disconnect them anytime. Its called Plantronics, brought it for $30 cdn. Been using it for 2 years now, I had no problems even with my wireless/optical mouse.

And for some strange reason, EP (Electronic Playground), did a review a few days ago and recommended to everyone when it was already out 2 years ago...

It could be my batteries dying, having a wireless and optical mouse takes up a lot of battery power. Thats why the manual said, recommend Energizer Batteries


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I'm using a Black/Grey Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and a Black Wireless/Optical Mouse with a Grey mouse wheel, both was in a pack I brought.

And I found it, the closer I put my mouse to my keyboard, the better it is, even with disruptions......

So, my mouse is fine, as long as I put it about a foot close to the keyboard.