What mads can't you play without


I am not talking uncomfortable, or nice to have (like mods that tell you what bosses are going to do). I mean what mods are there, which if they didn't exist, would cause you not to be able to play?

As any mod causes me to crash at the moment, I have definitely found what I NEED...and what I don't. I have found that the only one I need, so far anyway, is Clique Casting or something similar. And then only on my healers. This mod allows you to assign spells to certain mouse clicks so that I can left click on the person to cast a heal spell on them.

so... What do you NEED to play?
Same thing - I have become reliant on Healbot for my Resto Druid. If I could only have one addon, that would be it. DBM would be a close second though...
Clique is also the only one i can think of that I NEED and that's only on my healer also.
Decursive - without it I just cannot for the life of me tell fast enough when someone has a curse that I need to remove. I am also having a very, very tough time with my default UI as my set up in Spartan I knew where every single button was in my layout. Now with the configuration of the bars all different I am struggling and mostly getting annoyed at myself for not 'being better' :)

And highly agree about DBM...
I have been using Grid/Clique for my 2 healers and could not do without them. Unforunately Grid was not updated until just today. So, I used Vuhdo for a bit. Can't say that I enjoyed the Vuhdo setup much. I got it where I wanted it but it was a chore (Of course so was Grid when I 1st started with it). Maybe it was because I wanted it to look like Grid. Anyway, when Grid was updated today, I switched back to it and low and behold the setup is easier on Grid than it used to be (easier than Vuhdo imho).
On my feral druid, - Inline aura

It adds visual indicators to whatever bars you are using (including default bars if that's the case) and makes it very easy to track what bleeds(dots, debuffs and damage modifies I have going at once on myself and the target that relates only to what I really need to know. (Like target is debuffed with mangle for 45 more secs and rip has 6 seconds left, rake is at 2 seconds and my savage fury buff is at 25 seconds) With a feral dps spec you have 5-6 things going all at once on fight and you need to see everything while (preferably) not taking up any extra screen space.

It's the one mod my dps suffered greatly without.

On my shaman if healing I need any mod that makes it a one click heal, currently trying grid with clique and it works ok but can do it with any mod as long as I can set up my heals as one click (without clicking the target then clicking the spell)
I've just started looking at mods for dps and healing... this is great to read as i've never used any healing mods or dps mods in my wow life. I've used lots of mods before, but never anything to heal, if you find something you like, let me know so I can try it on valk?
A lot of people swear by Clique or Healbot, which let you bind heals to certain clicks (left click, right click, ctrl + click, etc).

Personally, I have always just used macros with [target=mouseover] and bound them to keys. For example:

#showtooltip Riptide
/cast [target=mouseover, help, exists] Riptide; [target=player] Riptide

This casts Riptide on whatever my mouse is currently over (usually someone in the raid frame); otherwise Riptide is cast on myself.

One of these days I will try out Clique or Healbot.
All Clique does is automate the process you are already using with Macro's, so nothing much will change for you. Well, I guess you would be able to do without the keystroke in some cases if you choose :)
Thanks for reminding me, Reets. That's the mod I was trying to remember.

"The Epic Rhys Typing Translator" - can't read /g without it
Can't live without clique. I routinely use 14 spells and have 12 of them mapped to my mouse buttons with clique.

When the big patch just before cata came out I tried to go mod-naked except for clique. I did try the blizz built in frames, but they still don;t give quite as much info as Xperl (shields, prayer of mending, lots of sparkly goodness), so I reloaded Xperl.

Funny enough I think I might even need titan panel, especially the guild mod, the most. I am constantly checking who is on, who is who etc.