What strats do you use?


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I used to use the all familiar tank rush. I just recently changed my strat.

I know use the Nod Venom rush! here is my building order.

2. Ore refinery/Ore refinery
3. power plant/powerplant
4. Ore refinery/Radar
5. Air craft/Ore refinery
6. Air craft/ Tech center

This is my building order, Some build faster than others so i may be farther along then the my numbers show. But an average game for me lasts about 7 minutes. With this strat i found that it is best to expand to another ore field Immediatly. Also, of the 2 ore refinerys i build in the begining, i sell one of them upon completetion.

I'm sorry i presented my strat in such a terrible format, i was simply short on time.

Also, my comrade Username is "Inkeliss" feel free to add me.
I love using the Venom's especially when they are mixed with a few of the different tanks they are pretty dangerous. I am still refining my strategy, right now it consist of building everything as fast as i can and getting a huge force of tanks/venom's and trying to win(not working to well for me). Too bad I can hardly get in an online match b/c of something messing up, for now skirmish FTW!
I know use the Nod Venom rush! here is my building order.

I was thinking what can beat Mass Venoms. Almost in every Campaign level, Mass Venoms would win the game.

The only strategy I can think of is using a EMP shockwave to disable them and use either a mass army of mammoth tanks or juggernauts to crush them, or the Ion Cannon to kill them all for GDI.

Maybe mass APCs with missle squads and Pittbulls may work.

I don't have a strategy now, but I have some helpful advice from the Bonus Disc in the Kane Edition of C&C3.
Power Plant/Refinery
War Factory/War Factory
War factory/Refinery

By than I should have 10 to 15 Tanks built with 3rd War Factory I build 4 or 5 Harvesters and than like 30 tanks