Who still plays?

Tek7 (Legacy)

CGA & ToJ President
If you're a Tribe of Judah member and still play Dark Age of Camelot, please post a reply with what server you plan on, along with the names of your characters on that server.
I do...

Hello.. I was part of Knights of the Trinity on Percival for a short time as Khairra, the "elf" girl from Hibernia who had travelled to Albion to learn about the Church. ;)

These days I'm mostly playing...

Server: Nimue
Realm: Hibernia
Guild(s): Harbingers; Lost and Confused
Characters: Would be a ridiculously long list.. "Main" is Inese. Just look for anyone in above mentioned guilds to locate me.

Also playing...

Server: Guinevere
Realm: Albion
Guild: Virtue and Vyse
Characters: Would be a ridiculously long list.. "Main" is Tavriel. Just look for anyone in above mentioned guilds to locate me.

And more rarely...

Server: Iseult
Realm: Midgard
Guild: Merkstave
Characters: Mains are Drathira and Sariiya. Also have a handful of others. Ask anyone in guild.

I'm also currently the Roleplay Team Lead. :)

I'd love to reconnect with anyone still playing DAoC, as well as get to know those who had left Percival before I joined.
What little info I know being a member...... characters are probably still in guilds if thats even allowed. Many took a break and went to WOW then some of us came back and started on a new server for a bit to try out the new dungeons etc. Then some went back to the original server for a bit. Now most I believe are back in WOW or another similar game. I was not an officer in either guild so it is not my call but I would say with 99% certainty that I do not think this chapter will be revived. Maybe a new chapter may start up when WarHammer from the creators of DAoC is released but last info on that I had was another year. I hope this helps.

I must apologize for being quiet for so long. I got to the point where I didn't have much time to play DaoC, and now have even less. But I do have big news that I wanted to tell everyone. I'm now happily engaged to a wonderful woman. We met at church and eventually hit it off. As soon as we started going out, I knew she was 'the one.' Just about all my free time, now, is spent with her. By the way, the wedding date is March 10, 2007. And then we plan on going on a honeymoon to Poland for a mission trip in June. We figured what better way to give back to God for putting us together than to serve him on our honeymoon. Please be in prayer for us. I don't know if I'll ever get back to DaoC. I enjoyed it very much, but it's just too time consuming, which I have little of. But I would like to stay in contact with everyone. And, sorry I didn't reply to your message, Tek, I just recently got it. Like I said, I haven't had much time, so these boards (especially with the lack of involvement in the DaoC threads) became a very low priority.

Take care, all, and I hope we can keep in touch.

Daniel 'Gyllis' Hall <><
Grats Gyllis!!!! Did you ever hit 50?

Sadly, no. I only hit 49. Was planning on working my way up to 50 before my debit card on the account expired (thus automatically cancelling my account), but alas better things came along.