Who's online playing EVE?

SoleDeo Gloria

New Member
Hey all - I thought we could restart things a bit with some information exchange.

Main (or most used character): SoleDeo Gloria
Race: Minmatar
Corp: X-Incorporated
Alliance: none
Region: Molden Heath mostly, sometimes Metropolis
System: Gulfonodi most of the time, mining in Teonusude (ice and Veldspar)

my son and I generally run level IV missions out of Gulfonodi and are working towards level V. I mine ice and veldspar in Teonusude and also work the market in the area. We are considering running some COSMOS missions 'west' of Hek - just because we have not done so yet.

I fly frigates up to battleships (Maelstrom is my favorite) and am currently training for CovOps Stealth Bomber (Hound).

thats about it for me - how about you?