Why is a curse word a curse word?

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Hey guys I know I havent posted here in a long time. Ive been busy with a move and many other things. I now live in Louisiana. The think that came to me is a question that me and my friend have been debating for the past week though.

The question is: Why is a curse word a curse word?
1. we have come to the conclusion that "curse words" are really bad words. If you look at the definition of the words they dont really mean anything bad. We use antonyms for those words all the time and why aren't those words bad?
2. My friend seems to think that swearing and cursing are two different things. I think that they are the same thing. He says that in the Bible that it says not to swear but it does not directly say not curse.

Well we've been through a few other debates about that but thats two of em. How would you guys approach this question?
Its that way for no logcal reason, some idiot said thats a curse then it caught on now like morons we all do it.
I think it has to somewhat with the context words are used in. How some of them got their meaning, I don't know.

context is definately the issue, some words that are "curse" words have legitimate meanings.... but are used improperly...
Also if you guys could find any or know of any verses in the Bible to back up that curse words are not to be used that would be awesome. I don't know of any specific verses and my friend knows a lot about the Bible and all but I think he's been slipping since he found out or someone told him that curse words are actually bad words mainly cause of their definition.
I have a gift where I can take any word and make it sound dirty. I've been very blessed. I don't know how I do it but I can make any word dirty. My parents say its a gift.:)
Sadly I can't do that, I have many issues that I'd rather not bring up in a public forum so I can't keep things bottled up... it's a comfort zone more or less when I can be open.. but I'm getting better at it, heh. =)
There is nothing in the bible that specifically says:

Thou shalt not use the F word and causeth astericks to show up on the TOJ server.

There is Jesus teaching that it is what comes out of a persons mouth that defiles them. And it is words (that are formed in the heart) that comes out of the mouth. Se be mindful of the things you set your heart upon. If you dwell on anger because some guy just HSed you with a scout, then pretty much anything coming out of your mouth will reflect that anger. If you dwell on the Lord, you can't help be praise God with your mouth.
Different words mean different things like at my house we say butt all the time but to our freinds thats a bad word so yea
glad you can keep the cussing to your head only... thats just like saying i have never committed adultry.

wrong, if you even think it Jesus told us that we might as well have committed the sin. Thinking about cussing and keeping it in your head is the same as saying it out loud in the Lord's eyes
Not all of us are as great and moral as u LOJ.
I don't swear in my head, I swear out loud. Its alot more fun that way.
Also, cursing in this age is not what cursing really is. F*** may be considered a curse, but it's not, it's a swear. D*** you is a curse. According to scripture you aren't supposed to curse anyone who God hasn't cursed, but I suppose most Christians would just rather not curse anyone.
i never once claimed to be exempt from swearing. sorry mech your attack on my character failed, you might want to try again in a year.
right then why if a pastor says it does the church become so upheavelled? its because of the conditation of the word. It may not be in the Bible as exsplicitly wrong, but it is just as wrong as calling somone a fool in the Bible.


Ananias calling someone a fool is the same as you saying any curse word today. both are culturely wrong and unaccepted by a Christian standard. we should be above reproach with our words and actions. If we are having trouble with this, then maybe we are not letting God renew our minds like Paul tell us in Romans.