Will you please pray for me?

I am going through a real rough time right now. My exboyfriend and BEST friend just kicked me out of his life. I am hurting real bad, and don't know what to do. I know I have come accross rude or not nice in ally chat, but I am hurting so bad, and the only way I know to deal with the hurt right now is to get rude sometimes. I feel that noone cares because no one is showing it in my language, only their own. I am at a loss as to what to do, and just want this all to go away.



Know that while you may not see many responses in the thread, those that read will definitely be praying for God to comfort you and hold you close in your time of need.

Also know that even though we may not express ourselves in the way you'd like to hear, we do care, and we can deal with the times you've lashed out. But please try to keep in mind that we're here to support you through your hard times - you can express your hurt feelings, your pain... but lashing out may catch a few people the wrong way.

Even in your pain, try to keep a level head, slow your tongue, and keep in mind that God has a plan, and in the long run, you'll look back and find there was a good reason for the problems you're experiencing now. God has a plan for each of us, even if it means some hard times today. But that's also why He put the rest of us here - an ear to listen when you need to talk through your hardships.

I don't know which game you play, who's in your guild/clan/kin.. but you've got support there, and here with the rest of us. As always, my PM box is open, use it if you need to.


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Durruck hit the head of the nail. I will be praying as well.
Doing better...a little

Mark contacted me today. He believes what he is doing is for the best for both of us. He sounded calm, and was not upset/angry with me. It is just a healing process now. It will be hard, not having him here for my birthday in two weeks.

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I am glad that you posted here, Bonita. This gives the way for communication to be open for all of us and I am very proud of you for being brave and opening up to us to help you get through this difficult time.

I will continue to pray as well.

God is here and working, so keep taking steps forward dear sister in Christ. We are here for you.

Will you please continue to pray for me as I am still struggling, trying to grow closer to Christ, yet still feel semi far away. Trying to not blow up in ally chat cause I got offended by someone, but may fall in process of trying to do better. Will you please pray for healing of the hurt of losing mark? and for the confusion of life?


The hard thing to catch onto is that Jesus never promised us an easy life. In fact, in many places there are references that we have it harder than the non-believers. And while our struggles seem impossible to overcome - know that God did it when he came here as Jesus. He was able to resist the temptations, he was able to get through the hard times.

This shouldn't be a discouragement (since we can never be perfect, like Jesus) but should rather be an encouragement that it is possible to get through our daily trials... that God still loves us, and that we'll get through this with Him.

My brain is fried, so I feel like I'm not making much sense. However, I have one last word of advice (that I need to remember to follow more often, as well)

The beauty of the written word is that you have the ability to review everything you "say" before you actually say it. If you are angry, or hurting, or feel like you're about to lash out... feel free to type whatever it is you're feeling. But then re-read it. Consider it. Pray about it if you need to. But don't hit return, submit, reply... if you think it could be hurtful for someone else. Sometimes we just have to "say" what we're feeling... so we type it out, but that doesn't mean that we are forced to submit it to everyone else. We can type it to relieve stress....and then delete it.

If only I had that ability with my tongue. :)
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i will be praying for you and also remember you need to give it to God. Maybe God have a purpose for you and he needed to get your attention! I will be praying for strength and understanding! God Bless!