WotLK Paladin Talents Released


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All I can say is wow. I think this will be the tank build I go after initially but might change things up depending on how gear and new abilities will play into it.


30% of stamina changed to spell damage! In WotLK I would have a base spell damage of 400 with my stamina which is about 40 more spell damage then I have in my current TBC tanking gear. When WotLK, I will effectively double my spell damage without doing anything. Pretty sick. Well, after finding 3 talent points from somewhere.

Still looks like the protection tree is to bloated still. With Imp SoR moving to the first tier of Holy, it makes it really hard not to want to pick it up to improve threat. And with strength moving into the protection tree and the new shield slam abilities based on block value. Strength might be something to consider.