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You linked the page that has teh talent calulator, not teh actual talents you picked out. Try using the link at teh bottom of teh page. :p
IF you are going for a pve spec then I would alter your build to this http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/hunter/talents2.html?tal=542001015150120531025313010053052000000000000000000005000000000000000000000000000
From what Ive been reading on sites like Elitist Jerks separation anxiety is proving to be a bit underwhelming. If they buff it it could be worth getting but the talents selected in both MM and Imp Tracking will boost your dps considerably more. Also pets are supposed to leeckh off our +hit so Animal Handler shouldnt be really necessary in raids.

For pvp your build looks real good I might move points out of IAotH and into End Training and Thick Hide to improve my pets survivability but otherwise it looks great.
For Survival I'm debating between a build based on the buffs to SS http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/hunter/talents2.html?tal=000000000000000000000000000053052000300000000000000005303002510033330503130301051 And a build based on MT http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/hunter/talents2.html?tal=000000000000000000000000000053052010000000000000000005303002510033330503135001051. Its still up in the air for me and will probably depend on how much agil/crit I wind up with without MT and how much SS is finally buffed.
actually animal handler does help from my experience. and im going strictly pve spec thats why i have done it they way i have. I think i mite change up on seperation anxiety but thats about it just. I dont like the idea of doing end training just because i would rather get more dps out of my spec then stam and health. Yes it makes my pet a bit squisher but i can use the points in a more raid dps spec.
I think once the talent tree hits the PTR, while we will be short 10 points from what we have at 80, it will give us all a better opportunity to test out the new high end talents along with the restructuring. While I do admit that certain talents are a benefit to having, we are all free to choose the layout how we see fit, and what works best for us. It may not always be the mainstream build but something we more so enjoy, at least thats my view on the situation.
With the current live content (Burning Crusade) Animal Handler is useful for raiding because pets do not gain anything from our hit rating like the do from our Armor, Stamina, AP,... When WotLK hits (and probaly when patch 3.0 hits) pets will gain a percentage of our hit rating just like they do with other stats. As it is pets (wo AH) will miss 12.5% of the time on bosses (tested with a few different hunters and wow webstats), once they gain a percentage of our hit rating that number should drop considerably even without AH. Also if you look I have End Training points as basically a place holder so that I can reach the next tier of talent points. I basically added points there rather than max out Imp Revive and Imp Mend Pet.

Getting AH isnt a bad choice its just seems to be the weaker of the choices you have to make. BM pets will gain a bunch of abilities that will require more focus than what other pets need so if it came down to either AH or GftT I would choose the latter. The same goes for a choice between Sep Anx or Imp Tracking, if its a choice between the two then Imp Tracking will benefit you more.
ah i hadn't heard of the whole pets getting part of our hit. I do know that i would rather have imp mend pet just because its nice to be able to keep my pet up during raids and even just soloing. I have found its a nice lil thing to keep him alive and biting.

but i would really rather not have imp tracking just because not only do i like having aimed shot (since its high threat and ok damage) i use it for misdirecting or my favorite 1 shotting horde =). So thats one of the main times i have aimed shot in there. Then after that efficiency is REALLY nice just because it helps not go oom which increases the damage. so id rather put those points into efficiency since i would rather have more help on my oomage factor then a bonus for tracking whatever there is.


thats the new one im looking at after thinking about sep anx. Im probably going to be trying it out more once it comes out and see if i think it will help. I mean i know what the stats say but it depends on what the rest of my spec, gear, skill, and the way i play. So im going to do the only thing i know of when it comes out.... DR DOOM =P
So... after reading this blue post found here...

I am no longer quite certain I am going to be sticking with survival spec because it is just being turned into a mana battery class. Imp hunters Mark is losing its melee attack power bonus and Expose Weakness is turning into a self-only buff. And on top of that, the hunting party buff went from affecting rage, enrgy, runic power and mana to just affecting mana... Boimli is not a happy camper at this point in time!
Yeah EW going to self buff only is a bit of a bummer though between that and dps buffs from abilities like L&L we should see a big dps boost that will make us more comparable in dps to BM hunters. I'm holding off on any judgement if they are really removing rage/energy/runes from the talent. It could just very well be that the blue poster didnt want to type out all the regens taht HP covers.

The main complaint from raiders about the EW nerf is that they wont have a guarenteed spot on raids anymore. I cant speak for your guild but I know ours is not going leave another survival hunter out of the raid just cause he cant gie the physical dps a raid buff. We have already taken 2 survival hunters on our 25 man raids just cause the 2 of us were both good and are an asset to any team. I think that is what Blizzard is trying to do with the classes, saying you dont have to take class x cause of a certain buff/debuff, but instead you can take player z cause he is good and is an asset to your raid group.
Right now the 2 most popular MM builds i'm seeing posted are these two:
this ones heads up the surv tree and would lean more towards PvP, and picking up Scatter Shot early.

This heads towards the BM tree more and would lead you to getting Aspect Mastery before finishing off talents in the surv tree.

The points in Focused Aim are kind of flexable at this point depending on what your present hit rating is. If your capped now you could just skip it altogether and just put some points in it later at 80 to ease your hit requirements.
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I'm going to stay Surv for now. They seemed to have buffed the Explosive Shot damage a bit so that the DPS is now a bit more compareable to MM. Also thanks to the "Potion Sickness", replenishment classes are going to be in very high demand for raids. This is going to be my Surv spec for now I think till they buff the tree some more (particularly Trap Mastery).

I will probably wind up with this as my final lvl 80 spec.
Well I tried out both Surv and MM on my main and I think I will leave him Surv. I'm only pulling in about 50-80 dps below what I was doing as MM and hunting party is awsome. I was going around 3-4 min (still need to measure an exact time) before going OOM and needing to switch to Viper. With MM Im only able to run 1-2 min before switching aspects. As MM you will love caster bosses because you can hit them with viper sting and get a desent amount of mana back from Chrimera. Noncaster bosses you will be swapping aspects alot.

They redid Trap Mastery so that it pretty much has the same buffs as the various trap talents did before 3.0. I think this is still a placeholder, but at least I can still chain trap indefinately. MM definately has an easier shot rotation to deal with (Serp St, Chrimera, (5) SS, Chrimera, (5)SS,...). Surv though has a more complicatied one due to Lock & Load procing. You basically use this (Serp St, Explosive, (3) SS, Explosive, (3) SS, Serp St, Explosive, (3) SS, Explosive, (3) SS,...) but you will need to be ready to interrupt that rotation for a L&L one (Explosive, SS, Explosive). You then restart your main rotation again.

The only real issue I have with this right now is that Surv is already proc heavy (EW, MT, HP, trinkets) and trying to spot the L&L proc showing up with your various raid buffs is incrediably annoying. I noticed on my BM hunter that when Ferousious Insp procs that this red bubble now appears for a sec over my hunter, I plan on doing a post asking for a similiar animation for L&L. This way you are not staring at your portrait in the corner of your screen looking for the L&L proc to show up. I will also be looking for an addon that I might be able to use in the meantime that warns me of the proc.

I also did a post on the test realm as a buff to Surv (particularly Trap Mastery) that Blizzard saved and locked. Heres hoping they take the post to heart and institute either of the recomendations. The talent changes I recomended are these:

Counterattack: Immobilize target for 5-7 sec (time should be based on the hunter getting to range under slowing effects), breaks on damage, 30 sec cool down. Move to Tier 6. PvP buff with limited PvE applications.

Resourcefulness: Remove trap cool down and move to Tier 3. Trap cool down will be covered under Trap Mastery change.

Wyvern Sting: Buff duration to 30 sec (still capped at 10 for pvp). At present the sting is virtually useless in pve since appropriately geared teams can’t kill mobs in 10 sec in order to free up the tank to go after the stung target. It is only useful as a temporary last minute save for a player being attacked. 30 sec is an appropriate time to allow the team/raid to kill the 1 mob and for the tank to reach the stung target. PvE buff, won’ affect PvP since CC is capped at 10 sec.

Trap Mastery: Aside from the existing pvp abilities to the talent another aspect needs to be added. Reduces trap cool down to 15 sec (or at least Freezing Trap if all traps prove to be OP). It would allow for much more effective chain trapping in pve even if a trap breaks early. Still keep the part that only 1 target can be trapped, but it would put hunters a bit closer to the spammable cc that mages, warlocks, and druids can do. PvE and PvP buff.
Note: Freezing Trap should receive a new rank by lvl 80 that buffs duration to 30 sec.

These changes would greatly boost hunter CC reliability and allow Surv to be the only class/spec that can CC more than 1 mob at a time. While this would not eliminate the need/desire for other classes to be part of the raid, since hunters still have to pull the mob into the trap, it would definitely allow the Spec to have its own bonus of providing extra cc that other classes can’t do when needed.

Option 2 (Raid Buff)
Master Tactician: Change it so that instead of a self proc crit buff it is now a constant raid aura buff like TSA. New ability buff agility and intellect by 2/4/6/8/10% and Crit by 1/2/3/4/5%. This would make it like a partial version of Blessing of Kings with a crit bonus substituting for the stamina and spirit portion of Kings. The above changes also fit with the name.