Xenonauts free on gog.com

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Xenonauts is free on gog.com for the next 33 hours (until June 6th). Just log in and click on the banner to redeem it to your account. Supposedly the game was made to be more like the original X-Com in response to the new one not being enough like it. Honestly I've played both X-com games and find some positives and negatives about both so don't know where this game will fall.

Side Note: IMHO The worst part of the old X-Com was it was far too tedious with 14 soldiers to move. The new one is better but strategy is limited and RNG can really destroy you when you start with only 4 soldiers (you upgrade to 6 but it's a bit boring until then). If I was doing it I think it would be more optimal to have you start with 6 and grow to 8 max.